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Computer, Technology, and Data Support

To obtain technical support in the College of Education, please visit the “Request for Technical Service” informational page and online form.

Managing Sensitive Data Guidelines

Each member in the college should follow College of Education sensitive data management guideline in addition to MSU sensitive data guideline to satisfy the university data management objectives.

  • MSU sensitive data management guidelines
  • College of Education data security guidelines
    • Your NetID and password define your online identity at MSU. Guard your passwords and pass phrases as you guard your bank card PIN.
    • Data security breaches should be reported immediately to the College Data and Technology Services.
    • College offices may NOT maintain highly sensitive data such as social security numbers on any internet connected computer or server within college.
    • College offices may NOT maintain credit card numbers and instead use the MSU CasNet system.
    • Requests for access to university data and electronic personnel and financial forms are submitted, along with a “need to know rationale” to the college security officer prior to submission to MSU.
    • Support staff in the College are required to enroll in a College sponsored “data security workshop” at least once every 3 years.
    • Student employees must sign a confidentiality statement upon employment.

Staff Training Opportunities

Technology Supported

Who to Contact for What

Computer support and server administrator: Ted Manko, PC Support: 517-432-4396, 216E Erickson Hall,

  • Request for Technical Service
  • Supervises student technicians in the setup and maintenance of College owned PCs and peripherals
  • Manages and maintains College servers including the creation of new servers
  • Manages and maintains College backup
  • Provides guidance for server and server related technology
  • Domain management

Mac, teaching and classroom technology support: Charlie Ruggiero, 133B Erickson Hall, 517-432-4970,

  • Purchasing recommendations for Mac computers, peripherals and associated technology
  • Equips, sets up and supports technology classrooms and conference rooms
  • Supervises the Technical Interns in Education (TIEs) housed in 133 Erickson, phone 517-355-8437,

Web accessibility, Qualtrics, Date storage and security, Virtual Desktop, and technology coordinator: Dave Dai, 517-432-6086, 245 Erickson Hall,

  • Represent College of Education in MSU IT Council
  • Act as College liaison and support for web accessibility initiative
  • Provide data storage consultation for research projects
  • Provide support for Virtual Desktop pilot
  • Support College’s Wikispaces platform
  • Provide coordination for data applications
  • Provide support for Qualtrics

K12 Outreach computer support: Jared Moyer, 517-353-9481, 214 Erickson Hall,

  • Request for Technical Service
  • Provides backup on College servers including the creation of new servers
  • Manages and maintains College backup
  • Provides guidance for technology related hardware and software
Network support: Contact Dave Dai or Charlie Ruggiero above for questions or issues with the College network.

MSU Detroit Classroom Controller Reference Guide

MSU NetID/e-mail Links

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