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Coaching Specialization

Participation in athletics is afforded prominence in the educational and developmental process.  The nature of the experience gained from participation in an athletic program is strongly influenced by the qualifications and experiences that will enable them to coach effectively and safely in school, community-youth, and adult sports programs.  The specialization is not a major.  The Department of Kinesiology administers the Specialization.  Enrollment in the specialization is available to all undergraduates, and participation by students from other disciplines is welcomed. The educational objectives of the specialization in coaching are to acquire:

  1. Knowledge and understanding of the growth and development of athlete.
  2. Knowledge and understanding of the medical, legal, psychological, social, biological, physical, theoretical, and technical aspects in coaching.

With the approval of the department and college that administer the student’s degree program, courses are used to satisfy the requirements for the Specialization.  A certificate of completion will appear on the student’s transcript. Students wishing to take advantage of the Specialization in Coaching should discuss their intentions with their major academic adviser.

If students are unable to complete the Specialization or do not have time to add it before graduating, there is an online Graduate Coaching Specialization Certificate option based in the Kinesiology Department’s Youth Sports Institute:

No later than the semester BEFORE graduation, students must complete the Addition of Coaching Specialization form to ensure the Specialization appears on their transcripts. Required course work does not have to be completed prior to adding the Specialization to the academic record. Completed forms can be submitted via email to any academic advisor OR dropped off to 134 Erickson Hall. An advising appointment is not necessary. Email for clarification:

Please Note:  The Coaching Specialization will convert to a Minor, effective FS15.  The credential will be posted as a Minor on the academic transcripts for students who graduate in FS15 or later.


  1. To have the specialization appear on a transcript a minimum of 18 credits must be completed.
  2. There is no enrollment process for the Coaching Specialization. Students take the classes any time during their undergraduate degrees.
  3. A form must be completed BEFORE application for graduation. The form will allow the registrar's office to place a code on the academic record. The specialization will then be added to transcript once classes have been completed.
  4. Students should download the Coaching Specialization form and submit the completed form to the Student Affairs Office in 134 Erickson Hall.
  5. Students who have not signed a form and are graduating in this current semester can have the specialization added late. They will need to reapply for graduation once the form is complete and the code shows up in StuInfo.
  6. For questions, email Amy Tratt, Undergraduate Kinesiology Advisor:


Course Number Title Credits
KIN 173 Foundations in Kinesiology 3
KIN 216 Applied Human Anatomy   3
ANTR 350   Human Gross Anatomy          3
KIN 345 Sport & Exercise Psychology 3
KIN 360 Physical Growth & Motor Development 3
KIN 400 Principles of Coaching I                                        4
KIN 401 Principles of Coaching II 4


Course Number Title Credits
KIN 300C Coaching Soccer 2
KIN 300D Coaching Basketball 2
KIN 300E Coaching Football 2
KIN 300M Coaching for Strength & Conditioning 2
KIN 490 Independent Study* 2
KIN 494 Fieldwork* 2

*Content of KIN 490/494 must focus on coaching



It is required that these two certifications be obtained through a reputable source for CPR and First Aid. Certification must be current at the time of the student’s date of graduation. KIN125 (3 credits) will also satisfy this requirement.

TOTAL CREDITS:     22-25