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The Graduate Study in Science Education offers Ph.D. students and Masters students an opportunity to gain practical experience in science teaching and research. The science educators at the College of Education are committed to helping students build programs of study connected to multiple scientific fields. Our programs include biological science, environmental education, developing science curriculum materials, physics, and science for social justice. Faculty work closely with students to tailor the program to their interests in order to develop the future science scholars and educators.

BioKIDS: Kids’ Inquiry of Diverse Species

CAREER: Tracing Children's Developing Understanding of Heredity

Environmental Literacy

Get Green Get City (GetCity)

The Modeling Design for Learning Science (MoDeLS)

Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Math and Science Education (PROMSE)

Teacher Education Graduate Study in Science Education
Who We Are
Literacy Instruction Faculty
David Stroupe
Ph.D., University of Washington
David Stroupe is an associate professor of teacher education. He also serves as the associate director of STEM Teacher Education at the CREATE for STEM Institute ...
Meet Our Students
Literacy Instruction Graduate Student
Hamin Baek
I am delighted to have a chance to share my experience as a doctoral student at the COE, and specifically, in the Ph.D. program of Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education with focus on science education. To be honest, when I applied for this program, I did not know much about the program or faculty in the department of Teacher Education (which hosts the program). Basically what influenced my decision to join the program includes its prestigious status, its design which ...
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