Program Information

A warm welcome from the MSU College of Education PhD Program in Curriculum, Instruction and Teacher Education. Our program, which has been consistently ranked by US News and World Report as one of the best doctoral programs in teacher education in the country, provides rich opportunities for students to collaborate closely with faculty through seminars, coursework, colloquia, as well as through teaching and research assistantships. The program guarantees up to five years of assistantships as well as a wide range of opportunities for fellowships and scholarships. The program is primarily designed for full-time students but also invites part-time study. Graduates of our program go on to work in a wide variety of areas and disciplines.

Like any job or position in life, a doctoral program can often seem hectic and demanding (if it isn't demanding of you, you are not receiving the education you deserve). But in the midst of taking or teaching courses, writing papers, doing your research, and attending meetings, please remember to savor this time. After all, being a doctoral student is a unique opportunity where you are encouraged to think, try on and play with new ideas, experiment, and, mostly, create and re-create an intellectual and pedagogical self that will underlie your future endeavors. All this, in a caring, collaborative, and collegial environment that does its best to support your growth and success. So enjoy!!!


While applications are accepted on a rolling basis, students who wish to be considered for multi-year university and college fellowships should complete their applications by December 1.

We strongly encourage you to find out more about our program on this website. To receive print material, or for further information about the program and your application to it, please contact either the program coordinator or the program secretary through the Contact Us section.


The PhD program in Curriculum, Instruction and Teacher Education offers a wide variety of courses that are available as part of your doctoral study.  Here you will find a list of required and elective courses with descriptions and sample syllabi where available.

Many of the courses offered are done so on a yearly or bi-yearly basis.  However, our faculty creates new courses every semester and these courses help maintain our high quality of educational opportunities for students of all interests.

Funding Options

This page provides information about the various recurring fellowships and scholarships offered through the Graduate School, the College of Education, and the Department of Teacher Education. Information about fellowships and other funding opportunities offered on a one-time basis will appear in the "News" section of this website.

In the near future, we intend to provide information/links to external funding agencies and organizations (e.g., Fulbright, Spencer, AERA) that provide fellowships, scholarships, and other funded research opportunities for graduate students.


Here you will find resources for your academic and personal life (assuming there is still some separation between the two!).  Academic resources include the commonly used campus resources such as links to the graduate school, registrar's office, the library and the college conference room reservation system.  Community resources include links to area information regarding housing, community action groups, as well as suggestions of places to go when you are not studying or teaching.

Who's Who

This page includes links to profiles of a) current and recent CITE PhD students and b) current Department of Teacher Education faculty.

Literacy Instruction Faculty
Douglas Campbell
Ph.D., Stanford University