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Web Update Requests

If you have a minor change on your page, please provide the URL of the page, the original content, and the content you want to change to.

If you have complex changes, please use this form to initiate the process and we will follow up to schedule a brief time to review all of the updates.

If you need help creating or updating faculty research profile web pages, then fill out this form and we will follow up to request your CV and other content in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat format via email attachments.

MSU College of Education Website Requests

This form is to be used by College of Education Faculty, Staff, and Students and others within the MSU community to request College of Education website updates, new websites, or make a comment about a College of Education website.

  • For website updates, this is the content you want to have replaced/removed.
  • Content for new page or the content that will replace original content.