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Department of Kinesiology

Spartan Motorsport Performance Lab


Current Projects

F1 Driver Development

We are investigating how exercise training during key windows of childhood development can influence future performance in elite motorsport.  Since the majority of race car drivers begin their racing career at age 6, there is limited data on how to best to prepare children for a career in racing. This means it is necessary to document the current level of fitness and assess proper methods to engage children in this unique sport.


Female Race Car Drivers

Women have always participated with men in motorsports, yet in the last decade there has been an exponential increased in female drivers. Conversations in popular and social media have suggested women are more fatigable in the race car, but there is no data on this topic. Thus, we are investigating the physiological differences between male and female drivers during competition. Read Story


Eye-Tracking in Dyslexic Race Car Drivers

We are investigating why drivers with dyslexia appear to have increased performance on the track.  In an interesting observation, it was noted that some of the most successful elite race car drivers of all time have been diagnosed with dyslexia. Through my collaboration with Dr. Karl Erickson we are interested in better understanding how this condition affects performance and could also be a tool to increase learning in all individuals with dyslexia.

Nutrition for Race Car Drivers

We are currently working with Unit Nutrition and CJ Wilson Racing, to investigate the physiological responses to racing. Together we are developing a novel nutrient and fluid replacement plan needed to further optimize driver performance.


Human Performance of Race Car Drivers

We are constantly documenting many human performance variables for drivers competing in NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula 1 and IMSA racing leagues to maximize driver performance



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The Science of Motorsport edited by David P. Ferguson. Order Book


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