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Department of Kinesiology

A Winning Combination for Athletic Excellence and Diabetes
Kinesiology scholar pioneers research to fuel athletic excellence and drive change for diabetes in sports.
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Spartan Motorsport Performance Lab

Automobile racing is one of the largest spectator sports in the world yet there is less than 60 research articles ever published on the physiological stress of driving a race car.  We are currently working with NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula 1 and IMSA racing teams to better understand the strain placed on drivers and pit crews during competition.  Then using established training and nutrition programs we are already increasing both the performance and safety of these elite motorsport athletes.


Leading the Pack

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Project Leads to NASCAR Championship
Our research based pit crew training program reduced pit stop times by 1 second helping Stewart-Haas Racing win Championship

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F1 Driver Development
Our data shows what aspects of physical fitness make the best Formula 1 drivers

graph icon Optimal nutrition for racecar drivers
Our data on physical stressors of IMSA drivers identifies key fluid and nutrient replacement strategies needed for optimal performance

Working with Dr. Ferguson has allowed me to do what I do even better. The data and information is continuing to improve my results and performance. Having worked with Dr. Ferguson, my training has evolved. Rather than just endurance and cardiovascular work, I work toward balancing that with strength and power. Being able to look at this information and see how my body works not only makes my training better, but allows me to better measure my diabetes.


Verizon IndyCar Driver

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    Spartan Motorsport Performance Lab
    27S IM Circle
    East Lansing, MI 48824-1034
    Phone: (517) 355-4763