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Kinesiology Degree Programs

Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Department of Kinesiology offers two Bachelor of Science degrees. Please choose your major of interest.

B.S. in Athletic Training
The B.S. in Athletic Training focuses on learning how to provide sports medicine services to athletes in school, university, and clinical settings.
B.S. in Kinesiology
The B.S. in Kinesiology opens the doors to many opportunities, including careers in coaching, personal training, graduate study in areas such as exercise physiology, sport psychology, growth and motor development, and professional study in medical related fields such as physical therapy, medicine, and occupational therapy.

Graduate Degree Programs

As a top-rated program, the Department of Kinesiology offers several Masters and Doctoral level degrees. Please choose your program of interest.

Masters Programs
The Masters program in Kinesiology offers opportunities to study and gain experience in various areas of study across multiple disciplines within Kinesiology.
Masters in Sport & Coaching Leadership
The Masters program in Sport & Coaching Leadership offers opportunities to study and gain expertise in coaching, developing, and leading athletes at multiple levels.
Ph.D. Programs
The Ph.D. program is focused on developing scholars who strive to be educational leaders within the field of Kinesiology.