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Contact Information for Graduate Students

Who To Contact for ...

Your Advisor
Your program of study, academic progress, professional development, research program, etc. plus anything related to your disciplinary area

Ms. Marlene Green
Admissions materials and procedures, required forms and procedures for the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees (e.g., program plan, certifying exam, comprehensive exam, thesis, project, internship, dissertation), graduation, general advice about navigating the university system

Dr. Deborah Feltz
KIN Graduate Studies Coordinator Multi-year scholarships and fellowships, suggestions for the KIN graduate program, conflicts with advisors

Ms. Sue Halsey
KIN BIP Coordinator KIN graduate teaching assistantships, questions about scheduling

Ms. Michelle Hatta or Ms. Christina Ebmeyer
KIN Department Office Graduate assistantship employment papers, course enrollment, grade reports, textbook orders, mailboxes, keys, etc.

Dr. Alan Smith
KIN Department Chairperson Department operations, conflicts that cannot be resolved with faculty members or center/lab directors

MSU Ombudsman, Associate Dean for Student Affairs (in the College of Education), Dean of the Graduate School
Problems that cannot be resolved at the departmental level or concerns that you do not wish to discuss at the departmental level