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Department of Kinesiology

KIN Graduate Student Travel Fund

Each KIN graduate student may apply for up to $200 per year to attend professional conferences or $400 per year if the student is making a presentation. You must be enrolled as an MSU student at the time of the travel to qualify. To apply for funding, submit the KIN Graduate Student Travel & Authorization Request Form with necessary attachments to the Graduate Studies Secretary (, in Room 27J IM Sports Circle. Requests must be on file prior to traveling. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for an approval decision.

Graduate Student Travel Request Form

You will not receive any funds until after the conference. At that time, you must submit receipts for registration, travel, and lodging.  If you presented a paper, also submit a photocopy of the conference program showing your presentation details. All evidence should be submitted to Graduate Studies Secretary ( You will be reimbursed for up to $200/$400 depending upon whether you made a presentation.  These requests for graduate student travel funds will be monitored by the Graduate Studies Coordinator.

KIN Research Fellowship

The KIN Research Fellowship provides $750 of funding to students who present a scholarly paper and subsequently submit that paper for publication.

COGS Conference Funding

The MSU Council of Graduate Students operates a Conference Grant Program. Graduate students are limited to one conference grant during their MSU academic career.

Graduate School Funding

The Graduate School funding opportunities include a Travel Funding program for graduate students to present research results at a professional meeting. Graduate students are limited to one award during their MSU academic career.

Travel Abroad

Students who are traveling abroad should visit the "Travel Smart" web site at When students appointed as TAs or RAs travel outside the U.S. to conduct required thesis or dissertation research or to collaborate with investigators conducting research abroad, the department or research grant supporting the work is required to pay for all needed vaccinations and medications (e.g., anti-malarials) as determined by the MSU Travel Clinic. Students may include those costs in applications for funds from the Research Enhancement or Travel Grant programs administered by the Graduate School.