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Achievements and Awards:

Alumni Achievements & Awards

The Deparment of Kinesiology Alumni Awards represent and highlight the success achieved by former students. The these illustrious honors include the Professional Achievement Award, the Distinguished Alumni Award, the Outstanding K-12 Teacher Award, and the Outstanding Alumni K-12 Adminstration Award.

Faculty and Staff Achievements & Awards

The Faculty and Staff Awards represent and highlight the distinguished service given to the Department of Kinesiology by our current and former faculty and staff members. There are departmental, college, and university level awards including the Dishtinguished Faculty Award, the Teacher Scholar Award, the Excellence in Diversity Award, the Breslin Distinguished Staff Award, and the Fellows in the American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education Award.

Graduate Achievements & Awards

The Deparment of Kinesiology has multiple awards acknowledging the extraordinary work of our graduate students. These awards recognize students for excellence in teaching and diversity, and provides scholarships and fellowships to deserving students.

Undergraduate Achievements & Awards


The undergraduate awards given at Michigan State University represent the work of undergraduate students who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to academics, diversity, community service, and research. These awards are given to students from the deparment, college, university levels as well as from state and national physical activity organizations such as NASPE (National Association of Sport and Physical Education) and MAHPERD (Michigan Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance).