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Office of K-12 Outreach

Partnership for Success

The work of the Office of K-12 Outreach is grounded in a student-centered, systemic model that emphasizes capacity building, collaboration and deep support. We view the schools and districts with whom we work as partners, and customize our programs and services to meet each partner's specific needs.

What We Do

Systematic Approach to Turnaround

  • Working to implement school and district turnaround to increase student achievement and eliminate gaps.
  • Identifying tools, processes and protocols for diagnosing the needs of schools and districts, and employ data diagnostic instruments.
  • Recruiting, hiring, training and deploying highly qualified individuals as MSU Specialists.

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Closing Achievement Gaps

  • Identify causes and strategies to close gaps, including:
    • Providing expert support focused on data;
    • Aligning targeted interventions; and
    • Monitoring intervention progress.
  • Provide expertise and resources around four gap areas: Males of Color, Students in Poverty, English Language Learners, and Students with IEPs.

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High Priority Districts and Schools (Lowest 5%)

  • Engage in the data dialogue process to identify underlying caues and conditions for lack of success.
  • Support the development of state required Transformation/Reform and Redesign Plan.
  • Assist in prioritizing and implementing plan elements.
  • Support districts in transformation and system alignment to respond to student needs.
  • Provide customized resources, support and training for systems change.

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Building Capacity

  • MSU Specialists build capacity in schools and districts to use data to diagnose barriers to student success, then use best practices and research to select strategies most likely to result in rapid turnaround.
  • Specialists are diverse and have deep professional experience as successful superintendents, central office administrators and building leaders.
  • MSU offers customized support for each school and district to address their unique challenges.

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