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Ed.D. Program Overview
Program Values
Objectives of the program 
Components of the program
Curricular Structure

Academic Policies 
Doctoral Planning Guide

Requirements for Certification
Academic Standards
Enrollment Status 
Residency Requirements and Time Limitations and Transfer

Writing Standards

Admission Requirements 
Admission to Doctor of Educational Leadership
Transferring from other MSU Programs
Language Requirement for International Students
Regular and Provisional Admissions

Financial Aid 
Scholarships and Fellowships
Welcome Handbook for International Students
Campus Contacts and Information
University Health and Safety
College of Education "Info for Students" 
College of Education Resources Web Site 
The Graduate School  
Council of Graduate Students Resources
Spartan Life: Student Resource Guide and Handbook  
Electronic Versions of MSU Forms for Graduate Students  
Campus Maps
Computer Information / MSU Computer Store 

College and University Policies
Academic Freedom for Students at MSU 
Graduate Student Rights and Responsibilities 
College of Education Policy and Governance Documents  
Academic Governance at MSU  
MSU Anti-Discrimination Policy
MSU Policy on Sexual Harassment

Graduate Student Government
Student Affairs Advisory Council
College of Education Graduate Student Organization (EGSO) 
MSU Council of Graduate Students (COGS)

Other Useful MSU Links
Financial Aid 
MSU Travel Clinic
International Study Programs
Intramural Sports and Recreative Services 
Intercollegiate Athletics  
College of Education Online Faculty and Staff Directory

Professional Development & Employment
Selected Professional Associations
Graduate Assistantships
Career Services
MSU Ombudsman
Conflict Resolution Program