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Chinese Experimental Post Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program

Two of Michigan State University’s highly regarded programs, the teacher preparation program and the Confucius Institute, have collaborated to offer a unique program designed to prepare teachers of Chinese language and culture.

The Chinese Teacher Certification Program (CTCP) prepares speakers of Chinese Mandarin who are already certified as teachers, or have bachelor’s degrees, to teach Chinese language and culture in American schools. For those who are not yet certified as teachers, successful completion of the program leads to initial (provisional) Michigan certification with a K-12 Chinese endorsement. For teachers who are already certified in Michigan, completion of the required academic coursework and field experiences qualifies them to add the K-12 Chinese endorsement to their teaching certificates. This is a two-year program for candidates who are already proficient in Chinese Mandarin. The equivalent of four years of Chinese Mandarin at the university level is required.

CTCP Curriculum

The Chinese Experimental Teacher Certification Program is currently under curricular reform. Updates outlining the revised program will be posted as they become available. Please check back later for updates. All students admitted before March 1st, 2018 will continue to follow the existing curriculum, as delineated below. These students will be held to the program requirements that have been in place. (See the sections of “Field Experience Requirements,” “Completion of the Chinese Experimental Post Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program,” and “Requirements for Teacher Certification” on this page)

Year 1


  • TE 818 (3 credits) Curriculum in Social Context (A Comparison of Chinese and American educational systems)
  • TE 891A (3 credits) Special Topics: Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
  • Summer Camp


  • TE 894 (2 credits) – Lab and Field Experience in Curriculum, Teaching, and Schooling


  • TE 894 (2 credits) – Lab and Field Experience in Curriculum, Teaching, and Schooling

Year 2


  • TE 891B (3 credits) Special Topics: Classroom Management for Teaching Chinese in American Schools
  • CEP 891 (3 credits) Social-Emotional Development of School-Age Youth


  • TE 842 (3 credits) Advanced Methods of Elementary School Reading
  • TE 894 (1 credit) – Lab and Field Experience in Curriculum, Teaching, and Schooling


  • TE 843 (3 credits) Reading, Writing, and Reasoning in Secondary School Subjects
  • TE 894 (1 credit) – Lab and Field Experience in Curriculum, Teaching, and Schooling

Field Experience Requirements

All candidates are required to participate in two distinct field experiences. During the first summer, candidates are required to take classes on campus. A requirement related to those courses is a three-week teaching experience during the Chinese-language summer camp, observations, and tutoring. Candidates are required to be on campus for eight weeks during the first summer.

Following successful completion of the initial summer experience, candidates are required to be in a teaching position in Michigan or another state. Candidates are not allowed to request specific placements; however, teachers who are already teaching Chinese in public schools may complete requirements in their existing positions. Applicants who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents already residing in the U.S. are required to find their own school placements or accept a traditional teaching internship position. Course credit for the school field experience is earned through registration in TE 894 in the Fall and Spring Semesters. Teaching placements are for the full school-year calendar.

For those simultaneously completing the CTCP Program and their Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum (MATC) degree, completion of TE 894 credits may be taken in conjunction with TE 807/808 and TE 870/872 during their final year of study.

Completion of the Chinese Experimental Post Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program

At the end of the second year, the typical candidate will have earned 24 credits and met the requirements for teacher certification in Michigan. Candidates must apply for the Michigan Provisional Certificate through the MSU Certification Office in 134 Erickson Hall.

Students who have completed (or are completing) the CTCP can apply for admission to the Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum (MATC) Program program. Admission to the graduate program requires a separate application. In addition to satisfying the requirements for the teacher certification program, students admitted to the master’s degree program must take additional graduate-level coursework to earn the master’s degree.

Requirements for Teacher Certification

To be eligible for certification, candidates must:
  • Complete all requirements for the Chinese Experimental Teacher Certification Program with a minimum overall GPA of  at least 2.5 and no single grade in a TE/CEP course below 2.0
  • Submit official scores for your SAT Test—Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 480 or higher, Mathematics: 530 or higher
  • Pass the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) subject test in Chinese (Mandarin) (101)
  • Demonstrate oral proficiency in standard Mandarin by panel review or schedule an oral proficiency interview with CeLTA.
  • Turn in the Conviction Disclosure Form
  • Meet the College of Education’s technology requirement and professional standards

Differences Between the Chinese Experimental Post Bachelor’s Teacher Certification Program and the Chinese Teacher Placement Program

The Chinese Teacher Certification Program (CTCP) offered through MSU’s College of Education is an academic program. It is a separate from the Chinese Teacher Placement Program, an employment program, offered through the Confucius Institute. Candidates often confuse the two programs. The differences are outlined here.

Chinese Teacher Certification Program (CTCP)

This is a two-year academic program offered by MSU's College of Education. Candidates complete a series of courses and experiences that lead to teacher certification. Candidates can also apply to the Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum (MATC) program and earn a master’s degree after taking two additional courses. Candidates applying to this academic CTCP program do not have to participate in any type of training program. Important considerations:

  • TE 894 requires a teaching internship. Prospective candidates must either find their own paid teaching position as a lead teacher or accept an unpaid internship with a mentor teacher. All teacher certification programs in the College of Education assist in securing unpaid internships with mentor teachers. (Because there are few Chinese language teachers in the U.S. who are certified and tenured by our system, there are a limited number of these internship positions available.)
  • For international students, international tuition rates apply regardless of whether a candidate is in a paid teaching position or an unpaid internship.
  • Immigration documentation requires proof of financial support. International tuition rate applies and funding support through personal bank accounts is usually required.

Chinese Teacher Placement Program

The Confucius Institute-Michigan State University (CI-MSU) provides paid teacher employment in various school districts. To participate in this employment opportunity through CI-MSU, candidates must demonstrate experience, competency and the skills necessary to teach in American schools. This includes a minimum of three months of lead teaching/internship, passing of a comprehensive exam and submission of a complete unit of study with appropriate lesson plans. All requirements focus on the following areas: (1) American Educational Systems; (2) Diversity in US Education; (3) Curriculum and Lesson Planning; (4) Classroom Management; and (5) Lesson Delivery. One way to demonstrate competency is through the training program CI-MSU hosts through Beijing Channel Consulting (BCC). Should you wish to apply without the training program, please contact CI-MSU ( to arrange an interview and submission of required materials that demonstrate competency and employment readiness. As a part of employment, the CI-MSU provides:

  • A teaching position in a K-12 school or as an online teacher with appropriate work authorization
  • An annual salary and benefits package (insurance and in-state tuition)
  • Adequate funding to meet the Proof of Funding requirements for immigration
  • Support services for teaching through the CI-MSU.

Please see Admission Information