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Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology & Special Education


Mid-Michigan Psychology Internship Consortium (MMPIC)

Program Aims and Competencies

Aim 1. Foundational Knowledge:

Prepare entry-level psychologists with foundational knowledge in psychology

1.1 Assessment:

Produce entry-level psychologists who demonstrate the ability to use assessment to answer referral questions and make recommendations for individuals, groups, and systems

1.2 Intervention:

Produce entry-level psychologists who demonstrate the ability to deliver interventions that are grounded in conceptual models of intervention and evidence-based practices to address dysfunction and promote health of individuals, groups, and systems

1.3 Consultation and Interprofessional/Interdisciplinary Skills:


Produce entry-level psychologists who demonstrate the ability to provide expert guidance or collaboration with interdisciplinary colleagues to support a client’s needs or goals at the individual, group, and systems level

Aim 2. Professional Practice:

Prepare entry-level psychologists who practice within a broad context of cultural diversity, ethics, and professional standards necessary for delivery of mental health services to individuals, groups, and systems

2.1 Individual and Cultural Diversity:

Produce entry-level psychologists who demonstrate awareness, sensitivity, and skills in working professionally with diverse individuals, groups, and communities who represent various cultural and personal background and characteristics defined broadly and consistent with APA policy

2.2 Ethical and Legal Standards:

Produce entry-level psychologists who effectively apply ethical concepts and demonstrate awareness of legal issues regarding professional activities with individuals, groups, and systems

2.3 Professional Values, Attitudes, and Behavior:

Produce entry-level psychologists who demonstrate behavior and comportment that reflect the values and attitudes of psychology

Aim 3. Research and Inquiry:

Prepare entry-level psychologists who effectively consume, produce, and disseminate research

3.1 Research:

Produce entry-level psychologists who generate research that contributes to the professional knowledge base and/or evaluates the effectiveness of various professional activities

Aim 4. Professional Conduct:

Prepare entry-level psychologists with the communication and interpersonal skills necessary for effective collaboration with others as peers and as supervisors in the delivery of services to individuals, groups, and systems according to ethical and legal guidelines

4.1 Communication and Interpersonal Skills:

Produce entry-level psychologists who use their communication and interpersonal skills to foster their assessment, intervention, and consultation activities

4.2 Supervision:

Produce entry-level psychologists with the professional knowledge base of enhancing and monitoring the professional functioning of others