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Master's Programs

Graduate programs in the Michigan State University College of Education foster the insights and skills needed to deal with the most pressing challenges facing the education profession. They also are among the most highly regarded by professors and educational leaders throughout the nation. Outstanding faculty members construct rigorous coursework and field experiences for graduate students and engage in millions of dollars of funded research. The college is committed to addressing real problems in practice and contributing to policy development and analysis. 

Master’s programs generally prepare graduates for advancements or new roles within their respective fields as practitioners. For educators, the MA generally provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to obtain leadership positions in schools or to add endorsements to certificates. Many programs, including the MS in Kinesiology, also help students develop methods of inquiry and can lead to careers in research.

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Health Professions Education

College of Education / College of Osteopathic Medicine To Program

This completely online program is designed for experienced health practitioners who are seeking advanced professional knowledge needed for roles as academic leaders and faculty in their fields. The program combines two essential bodies of knowledge: teaching, learning and assessment, delivered by the College of Education; and health policy and administration, delivered by the College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Coordinator: Gillian Bice, Ph.D., M.A.
Contact: 517-432-7083

Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education (HALE)

Department of Educational Administration To Program

The HALE master’s program, which is available on campus or completely online, is for individuals who are working in or wish to move into roles in higher and adult education, including administration, continuing professional development, or teaching. The program develops understanding of central issues in postsecondary teaching and learning, and a theoretical understanding of administration and leadership connected to practice.

Coordinator: Matthew Wawrzynski
Contact: (517) 355-6617

K-12 Educational Administration

Department of Educational Administration To Program

The master’s program in K-12 Educational Administration prepares aspiring educators for leadership positions in public, charter and private school settings. The program is committed to developing school-level leadership for powerful and equitable teaching and learning, and to ensuring students meet state standards for leadership preparation.

Coordinator: John Yun
Contact: (517) 353-8480


Department of Kinesiology To Program

The Master of Science degree in Kinesiology helps students acquire knowledge grounded in theory, develop competence in methods of inquiry, and gain expertise in one or more areas of specialization: athletic training, biomechanics, coaching, exercise physiology, growth and motor development, psychosocial aspects of physical activity and sport, sport administration, and student-athlete development.

Program Director: Deb Feltz
Contact: (517) 355-4736

Master of Arts in Education (MAED)

All-College of Education Program

The online MA in education is for classroom teachers, school administrators, coaches or adult educators who want to enhance their professional practice while building on their prior professional experience and engaging in a dynamic online community. The program has six concentration areas: Literacy Education, P-16 School Leadership, Science and Mathematics Education, Special Education, Technology and Learning, and Sport Leadership and Coaching.

Coordinator: John M. Dirkx
Contact: (517) 355-1825

Master of Arts in Educational Technology

Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology & Special Education To Program

The master's program - which is offered in an accelerated summer cohort, exciting overseas study, and fully online - prepares teachers, administrators and other educational professionals for the thoughtful use of technologies to support teaching and learning in a range of educational environments. The program draws on current theories of learning and development to understand the role of technology in learning and instruction.

*A three-course certificate program in educational technology is also available online.

Coordinator: Leigh Graves Wolf
Contact: (517) 432-7195

Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum (MATC)

Department of Teacher Education To Program

The Master’s Program in Teaching and Curriculum (MATC), which is completely online, is designed for beginning and experienced teachers who are deeply committed to public education and teaching diverse P-12 students. The program helps students engage in critical inquiry, develop as accomplished teachers and become teacher leaders. Participation requires a dual commitment to teachers’ and students’ learning.

Program Director: Janine Certo
Contact: (517) 432-7705

Rehabilitation Counseling

Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology & Special Education To Program

The master’s program helps counselors gain the specialized knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to collaborate in a professional relationship with people who have disabilities. Students develop expertise in counseling, the social and psychological aspects of disability, case management, independent living, disability management, transition from school to work, vocational assessment, career development and more.

Coordinator: John Kosciulek
Contact: (517) 355-1838

Special Education

Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology & Special Education To Program

The master’s degree program in special education – which can lead to recommendation for teaching endorsements in Learning Disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorders – is designed for K-12 teachers who plan to be involved in the education of students with disabilities. The program prepares leaders that advance the quality of educational programs and services available to students with disabilities in the K-12 setting.

Coordinator: Troy Mariage
Contact: (517) 353-1842

Student Affairs Administration

Department of Educational Administration To Program

The master’s degree program in student affairs administration provides a broad perspective on higher education systems, an understanding of central issues in student affairs administration and a connection of theory to practice. Graduates are prepared to work in and cultivate educational environments that promote diversity and multiculturalism.

Coordinator: Christa Porter
Contact: (517) 353-5187