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Student Affairs Office
Contact for information about:

  • Advising,
  • Scheduling visits to the college
  • Certification
134 Erickson Hall
College of Education
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1034

Phone: (517) 353-9680
Fax: (517) 432-2718

Dean's Office
501 Erickson Hall
College of Education
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1034

Phone: (517) 355-1734
Fax: (517) 353-6393



Donald Heller Robert Floden Michael Sedlak
501 Erickson Hall
(517) 355-1734

Associate Dean, Research
201D Erickson Hall
(517) 432-2804

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
207 Erickson Hall
(517) 432-1260
Susan Dalebout Barbara Markle Sonya Gunnings-Moton
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
134 Erickson Hall
(517) 353-5054

Assistant Dean, K-12 Outreach
258 Erickson Hall
(517) 353-8950
Assistant Dean, Student
Support Services &
518A Erickson Hall
(517) 432-5093

Todd Drummond R. Sam Larson
Acting Director, International Studies in Education
517A Erickson Hall
(517) 355-9627
Assistant Dean, College
Operations and Finance
501 Erickson Hall
(517) 355-1734

Department Chairs

Marilyn Amey Alan Smith Margaret Crocco
Chair, Educational

418 Erickson Hall
(517) 355-4538

Chair, Kinesiology
134 IM Circle
(517) 355-4732
Chair, Teacher Education
361 Erickson Hall
(517) 884-1389
Richard Prawat
Chair, Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education
449 Erickson Hall
(517) 353-6417

External Relations

Melissa Phillips Lynch Nicole Geary
Senior Director of Development
513 Erickson Hall
(517) 432-1983

Director, Communications
518 Erickson Hall
(517) 355-1826

Center and Institute Directors

William Schmidt Robert Floden Barbara Schneider
Director, Center for the Study of Curriculum
Co-Director, The Education Policy Center at MSU
463 Erickson Hall
(517) 353-7755

Co-director, The Education Policy Center at MSU
Director, Institute for Research on Teaching and Learning
201D Erickson Hall
(517) 355-3486

Office of the John A. Hannah Chair
516 Erickson Hall
(517) 432-0300

Joseph Krajcik Dan Gould
Director, CREATE for STEM Institute, joint with College of Natural Science
237 Erickson Hall

Director, Institute for the Study of Youth Sports
210 IM Circle