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Secondary Education Pre Internship Guide

Welcome Message

Dear Secondary Teacher Candidates,

Welcome to the College of Education and the Secondary Team! In 1988, a Michigan State University College of Education task force began redesigning the teacher education program. The result is a three-year teacher certification program with the final year being an internship in a school. One of the primary goals of our program is to develop a partnership between practicing teachers and teacher educators, working toward making meaningful connections between classroom fieldwork and university coursework.
We believe that people do not learn from experience alone, but through experience in combination with careful preparation, good mentoring, discussions with colleagues, and well- designed courses. Therefore, we seek to develop sustained connections among teacher candidates, MSU faculty and staff, and practicing teachers.
The program blends classroom experience with inquiry and reflection in a series of dialogues with MSU professors and mentor teachers. We hope that, through this collaborative effort, the graduates of our program will be teachers who teach for understanding, who will reach diverse bodies of students, who will be thoughtful and skilled about linking subject matter in a responsive curriculum, who will cultivate learning communities, and who will be engaged in democratic reform. Working together, we plan to continue building a teacher certification program that reflects our collective visions of the kinds of teachers needed to meet the educational needs of an increasingly diverse student population in an increasingly complex society, informed by new perspectives about subject matter and learning.
We look forward to getting to know you and working with you. If you have questions, we encourage you to contact the appropriate resource person listed in this handbook.

The Secondary Team at MSU