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Department of Teacher Education

Ph.D. in Curriculum, Instruction and Teacher Education

    CITE Steering Committee

    The CITE Steering Committee is a standing committee that coordinates and supports CITE graduate students serving on all other TE department committees and organizations and implements events (e.g. 4th Fir day Events) for CITE graduate students in the department during the school year. The committee works to keep graduate students informed via monthly newsletters. The Steering Committee is typically a two-year commitment.

    As a committee comprised solely of graduate students, we are committed to supporting a graduate student community that includes a diversity of backgrounds, experience, expertise, and perspectives that enrich our professional and personal lives. We seek to support fellow graduate students through formal and informal interactions within our department, as well as those inside and outside the university, so that doctoral students may be involved with decisions about their doctoral experience. We also aim to ensure that the voices of all doctoral students have the opportunity to be heard and represented.

    Current representatives:

  • Scott Durham -
  • Amit Sharma -
  • Alecia Beymer -
  • Cierra Presberry -
  • Kaitlin Glause -
  • Vivek Vellanki -

Doctoral Education Committee (DEC)

    The DEC offers feedback to the department in regard to aspects of the doctoral education program, including doctoral course and instructor evaluations, doctoral course requirements, and support that is offered to doctoral students through their advisors and other sources, among other topics. The DEC is also committed to improving the ways the TE department as a whole continues to support the success of all doctoral students.  Graduate students are voting members of the DEC who function in consultation with faculty to offer student perspectives about how particular decisions and policies impact or may impact student learning experiences in the doctoral program.
    Current representatives:

  • Laura Kennedy -
  • Peter Nelson -

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    TE Department Faculty Advisory Coordinating Committee (FACC)

    Purpose: The FACC works closely with the department chair. The committee sets the agendas for the TE department meetings, works on submissions for university-level awards. Graduate student representatives voice the interests of graduate students in the department and bring concerns from fellow doctoral colleagues to the committee. Serving on this committee is a unique opportunity to see some of the inner workings of the department and be a part of important conversations. Specifically, in this academic year, the FACC met for 90 minutes every other week. The FACC members are also required to adhere to the principle of confidentiality.

    Current representative:
  • Mary Neville -
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    CITE Mentoring Committee

    The role of the Mentoring Committee is to cultivate CITE community by pairing incoming students with current students to mentor them while here and by socializing students into the program through social events.
    Current representatives:
  •  Brent Jackson -
  • Heather Reichmuth -
  • JoAnne West -
  • Julie Christensen -
  • Rebekah Gordon -
  • Sinead Brien -
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    Council of Graduate Students (COGS)

    COGS seeks to improve and advance graduate education in all aspects in order to create the best possible environment for personal growth, study, and scholarship.

    COGS functions as the official student governmental body of graduate students at MSU.  As such, COGS advocates on behalf of both graduate students and graduate education to the administration, faculty, governing bodies, and the community at large. Members of COGS are able to do this through service on university wide committees, taking part in university governance, and through one-on-one advocacy.

    Current representative:
  • TBD
    To learn more about COGS visit the COGS website.

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    Chair's Advisory Council (CAC) Induction and Continuing Education Committee

    The CAC serves as the liaison between Dr. Crocco, Department Chair, and doctoral students. We bring concerns and needs of doctoral students to the attention of the department and provide information and greater transparency about departmental decisions to students, especially those issues directly affecting doctoral students during their program study.
    Current representatives:
  • Allie Whitford -
  •  Katie Schenkel -
  •  Kirsten Edwards -
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    Induction and Continuing Education Committee (ICEC)

    The ICEC functions in consultation with the faculty to carry out the faculty’s delegated responsibilities for teaching, research, and service-outreach-engagement related to induction and continuing education. Further, the committee acts as the department’s curriculum committee for induction and continuing education. Experience with teaching in the MATC program is required for this graduate student representative position.
    Current representative:
  • Tracy Donohue -
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    Teacher Preparation Committee (TPC)

    The TPC serves as the department’s curriculum committee for the teacher preparation program. They also review and approve proposed faculty & graduate student research on the teacher preparation program and its students.

    Current representative:
  • Blythe Anderson -
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