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Timeline For Navigating The MATC

The timeline for completion of the MATC is 5 (five) years. (Five calendar years minus one semester).

The five-year “clock” starts with the date of your earliest course, whether an initial course taken in the M.A. program, an MSU intern course taken prior to admission to the MATC, or a transfer course. The following chart may be used to determine the date by which all program requirements must be completed.

If your Earliest Course (Post-Admission, Intern Year or Transfer Credits) is…Your 5 year completion deadline for the MATC was/will be…Final Semester Earliest Course(s) can be used with Maximum Extension
Summer 2006Spring 2011Spring 2016
Fall 2006Summer 2011Summer 2016
Spring 2007Fall 2011Fall 2016
Summer 2007Spring 2012Spring 2017
Fall 2007Summer 2012Summer 2017
Spring 2008Fall 2012Fall 2017
Summer 2008Spring 2013Spring 2018
Fall 2008Summer 2013Summer 2018
Spring 2009Fall 2013Fall 2018
Summer 2009Spring 2014Spring 2019
Fall 2009Summer 2014Summer 2019
Spring 2010Fall 2014Fall 2019
Summer 2010Spring 2015Spring 2020
Fall 2010Summer 2015Summer 2020
Spring 2011Fall 2015Fall 2020
Summer 2011Spring 2016Spring 2021
Fall 2011Summer 2016Summer 2021
Spring 2012Fall 2016Fall 2021
Summer 2012Spring 2017Spring 2022
Fall 2012Summer 2017Summer 2022
Spring 2013Fall 2017Fall 2022
Summer 2013Spring 2018Spring 2023
Fall 2013Summer 2018Summer 2023
Spring 2014Fall 2018Fall 2023
Summer 2014Spring 2019Spring 2024
Fall 2014Summer 2019Summer 2024
Spring 2015Fall 2019Fall 2024
Summer 2015Spring 2020Spring 2025
Fall 2015Summer 2020Summer 2025
Spring 2016Fall 2020Fall 2025
Summer 2016Spring 2021Spring 2026
Fall 2016Summer 2021Summer 2026
Spring 2017Fall 2021Fall 2026
Summer 2017Spring 2022Spring 2027
Fall 2017Summer 2022Summer 2027
Spring 2018Fall 2022Fall 2027
Summer 2018Spring 2023Spring 2028
Fall 2018Summer 2023Summer 2028
Spring 2019Fall 2023Fall 2028
Summer 2019Spring 2024Spring 2029
Fall 2019Summer 2024Summer 2029
Spring 2020Fall 2024Fall 2029
Summer 2020Spring 2025Spring 2030

One-two year or single-semester extensions of time to complete the program are typical with the maximum allowable addition time being 5 (five) years.  As such, no course can be considered for the degree if it is older than 10 calendar years minus 1 semester (e.g., FS15-US25) the semester of graduation.

For more information about the extension request process, please consult with Paul Kurf, MATC program advisor.

Extension requests are reviewed by the Dean’s Office on an individual basis and must include a targeted semester of completion and evidence that the student has made plans for completion of her/his program by the target date. The M.A. extension form is available on the College of Education website, but additional supportive materials such as a detailed timeline and/or letter(s) of support may be requested at the discretion of the college and/or the MATC advisor.