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Locating the Global through Narrative Histories

Name: Kyle Greenwalt (

Using historical, narrative and phenomenological inquiry methodologies, this study seeks to understand the way in which globalization impacts the social, professional and civic identities of early-career teachers from the Detroit metropolitan area. Participants will be recruited from Michigan State University’s global educator’s cohort teacher certification program. Data will be collected over a period of six years, beginning as participants enter the program as freshman, following them through their coursework, international experience, internship year, and into their first year of post-university working life. The primary data-gathering method will be semi-structured and unstructured interviews with and among the participants themselves, with their family members, and with other significant relations to whom they may introduce me, such as their mentor teachers. The primary topics of interviews will be on life experiences, family stories, and intergenerational memories that shape the participants’ evolving social, professional and civic identities. Data will also be gathered as I interact with participants around three types of “texts”: 1) documentaries and learning experiences designed around places embedded within the social and institutional topography of metropolitan Detroit (museums, streets, businesses); 2) artistic and historical texts that represent aspects of life in metropolitan Detroit; and 3) their university coursework and field placements.