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Developing a pedagogy for writing: Learning alongside preservice teachers

In response to recent cries for an increased and ecological focus on preservice teacher development in writing pedagogy, this study takes an in-depth look at one advanced literacy methods course and its instructor’s interaction with preservice teachers in the curricular area of writing instruction. High quality writing instruction is defined utilizing an "ecological" framework (Kamberelis & deLaLuna, 2004) requiring in-depth knowledge of local text, context and politics. Employing a sociocultural lens, this study asks: 1) What do interns learn as they interact with curriculum and learning experiences designed to enhance development in writing pedagogy? and 2) How does a teacher educator scaffold that learning? In this study, pedagogical development is viewed as multi-faceted and dependent upon those contexts in which knowledge of and for writing instruction is discussed and experienced.  This action research project aims to promote growth and change in preservice teacher development of writing pedagogy through the reflective practice of one literacy teacher educator.