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Laura Tortorelli Photo

Laura Tortorelli

 Assistant Professor
  Department of Teacher Education
 Ph.D., University of Virginia
 333 Erickson
Laura S. Tortorelli’s research examines the context in which children develop into proficient readers and writers in the early elementary grades. Her research combines developmental perspectives (Chall, 1986; Ehri, 2005; Sharp, Sinatra, & Reynolds, 2008) with the RAND model (RAND Reading Study Group, 2002) of reading comprehension to highlight how reader, text, and task factors interact in an iterative process that shapes reading development over time. Her current projects include creating statistical profiles of slow readers to support individualized fluency instruction and examining the associations between aspects of text complexity and reading rate. In addition, Tortorelli is working in collaboration with faculty in the Department of Human Development and Family Services at the Center for the Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning at the University of Virginia to develop projects investigating key factors in early writing instruction.

Areas of Expertise: