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Lawrence A. Barber Endowed Scholarship

Recipients shall be students enrolled in the secondary education program in the College of Education who demonstrate financial need with financial need being determined by the federal government according to its policies and procedures. Preference will be given to students who are veterans of overseas service with the US military, followed by veterans of the US military, followed by those currently serving in the US Military.

About Lawrence A. Barber


Lawrence A. Barber was born in Caro, Michigan in 1932. He received his bachelors (1960) and masters degrees (1967) from Michigan State University and was a member of Phi Delta Kappa. He was an industrial education teacher in the Linden Community Schools, the Westwood Heights Schools, the Michigan School for the Deaf and Lansing Community College. He served as a technical advisor to the President’s Committee on Employment for the Handicapped during the Nixon administration. He was employed by the Michigan Department of Education from 1971– 92 as a consultant to assist local public schools and community colleges in the design, implementation and evaluation of occupational training programs for handicapped and/or disadvantaged youth and adults in Michigan. He was a Korean War veteran.