Archibald Shaw Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Shaw was a professor in the department of Administration and Higher Education from 1965 to 1978.

Dr. Shaw, who joined the MSU College of Education faculty in 1965, was a former school superintendent in Scarsdale, NY and associate executive secretary of the American Association of School Administrators.

In 1978, the AASA executive committee recognized Dr. Shaw was “one of the most distinguished educators of our time.” The AASA resolution noted that he was “one of the most lucid and perceptive writers on matters of school administration, and his publication, Religion in the Public Schools, is the most definitive and widely quoted source for information on this problem.” Dr. Shaw’s volume on Religion in the Public Schools examined decisions of the Supreme Court on Bible reading and prayer in public schools.

A native of Massachusetts, Dr. Shaw received his B.S. degree from Bridgewater State Teachers College; the master’s of education from Boston University, and the Ed.D. degree from New York University. In 1963 he was presented an honorary degree from Glasboro (NJ) State College.

His career included 12 years as a teacher and principal in Massachusetts schools. He served the Scarsdale, NY school system from 1946-1959, first as assistant superintendent for business and later as superintendent.

From 1959-1963 he was editor of two education publications, “Overview” and “American School and University.” He was AASA associate executive secretary from 1963-1965.

He served as professor and chairman of the Department of Administration and Higher Education at MSU from 1965-1969.

In 1967 and 1968 he served as chief of party for the MSU-Thailand Project in Educational Planning.

Dr. Shaw has been a frequent contributor to educational and architectural journals. He was the recipient of numerous awards and honors. In 1969 he was recognized by Bridgewater State College with the Tillinghast Award for “outstanding service to public education.”

He was an honorary life member of the New York Council of City and Village Superintendents, the NY Congress of Parents and Teachers, the National Education Association and the AASA.