Recommendation for Designation B Appointment in the Union of non-Tenure Track Faculty

Designation B application process for UNTF employees in the College of Education Designation B is an appointment type outlined in the collective bargaining agreement between Michigan State University and the Union of non-Tenure Track Faculty (UNTF.) A Designation B appointment is predicated on teaching excellence in the performance of UNTF bargaining unit assigned teaching duties. The College of Education process for consideration of the designation is described below. If approval is granted, a Designation B appointment would provide at least a three year appointment for the UNTF teaching portion of the assignment.

The collective bargaining agreement between Michigan State University and the Union of Non-tenure Track Faculty provides that “during the first month of the eighth or subsequent semester of teaching employment within seven years of the first of these semesters in a given employing unit, the employee may submit a written request to the unit head or designee, including required documentation of teaching excellence, to be reappointed as a Designation B employee for the teaching portion of the assignment.” Candidates who believe they are eligible for the designation submit an application to the department chairperson no later than September 30 for a fall semester review or January 31 for a spring review. This application must include the MSU form B, as provided on the Human Resources website, and required attachments. Although the university provides the above deadline dates for submission, an applicant is encouraged to consult with the department chairperson about the application in advance of the semester of submission.

The department chairperson will seek the written advice of a department review committee regarding the application. This committee may be the department personnel committee or an ad hoc committee appointed by the chair. The applicant may request an opportunity to meet with the review committee before the recommendation is provided. The department chairperson will provide a written recommendation to the dean for subsequent review and action. (Recommendations are due to the dean from the department chair no later than October 31 for fall semester and February 21 for spring semester reviews.)

The MSU Human Resources web site provides links to documents required to recommend a Designation B Appointment and frequently asked questions.