Support Staff Advisory Committee (SSAC) Bylaws

1.1. Composition.

The Support Staff Advisory Committee will consist of staff elected from each of the College’s academic departments and non-academic units and shall represent all the bargaining units contained therein.


The selection of members is up to the discretion of the administrator of individual academic departments and non-academic units. A concerted effort will be made to encourage representation from every academic department or non-academic unit of the College. In addition, an effort will be made to ensure each bargaining unit has at least one representative on the Committee.

When a vacancy of a member occurs, the Support Staff Advisory Committee may request a replacement from the department or unit to be selected by the department or unit in a manner that they choose.

The college Human Resources Manager and one college level administrator (Dean or designee) will also serve as non-voting ex-officio members of the Support Staff Advisory Committee.

1.2. Functions.


Members of the Support Staff Advisory Committee will serve as a representative of his/her department and as a liaison between his/her department colleagues and the Committee with the responsibility of carrying forward information, opinions and recommendations from all parties.


The Support Staff Advisory Committee shall consider general policies and procedures regarding issues facing support staff as identified by members or college support staff in an effort to create a supportive, safe, equitable and professional climate. The Committee will not make decisions about individual cases in any of the aforementioned domains.

1.3. Procedures.


The Support Staff Advisory Committee shall determine its own operating rules and procedures and elect a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson from its membership.


The elected chairperson and vice-chairperson of the Support Staff Advisory Committee shall serve a one-year term of office. The Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson shall conduct all meetings from August to May. If meetings are held in June and/or July, they can be co-chaired by the departing Chairperson and the Chairperson-elect.


The Support Staff Advisory Committee shall meet monthly from August to May at a time and location determined by the Committee. Optional meetings can be held in June and July with the consensus of the Committee. A change in this schedule may occur, due to circumstances beyond the scope of the Committee and with the consensus of Committee members prior to the meeting day.


Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson or proposed by any member to the chairperson for approval. Notice of such meetings will be provided at least one week in advance and will state time, place, and purpose. The agenda will be limited to the stated purpose of the meeting.


Meetings of the Support Staff Advisory Committee are open. The schedule and minutes of the Support Staff Advisory Committee meetings shall be made publicly available.


At least 50% of Committee members in attendance will constitute a quorum. No vote may take place without a quorum.


Each elected member of the Support Staff Advisory Committee will be a voting member. Voting shall be done at a general or special meeting.

1.4. Elections.


All College of Education support staff, including members of the Clerical-Technical Union, Administrative-Professional Association, and Administrative-Professional Supervisors Association, are eligible for election to the Support Staff Advisory Committee. Elections will take place in the spring semester annually.


Members serve a two-year term and may be elected or appointed to further terms. The terms of the initial members of the committee shall be staggered in order to create staggered terms going forward.

Updated August, 2019