College of Education Membership Dues Policy

In general, the College of Education does not pay for individual memberships to associations or organizations for any faculty, staff or student based on our interpretation of the Manual of Business Procedures Section 47. The Dean’s Office, after consultation with other campus offices, supports the following interpretation: If the non-member conference registration rate is greater than or equal to the combined cost of the member conference registration rate and the annual membership fee, we can use university funds (general and/or external) to pay for an annual membership fee at the time of conference registration.

When this condition is met, the department chair or dean’s office (i.e., the supervisor) may approve the use of university funds for both expenditures. The membership payment must be supported by a memo that clearly states the business purpose and how this membership relates to performing the duties and responsibilities of your job. The memo must be approved by or sent by the department chair or dean’s office (i.e., the supervisor).

Effective February 27, 2018