Communications and Brand Resources

As faculty and staff in the Michigan State University College of Education, we each play an integral role in communicating about the university and the college to various audiences.

Effective, consistent communication helps us

  • Recruit outstanding students and faculty,
  • Attract donors and other external funding sources,
  • Achieve recognition for our accomplishments and
  • Demonstrate how we impact schools, communities and the world.

The resources found here are intended to supply information, tools and access to the elements that can help us achieve these goals.

As a first step, please remember that the College of Education’s messages and materials should always align with the MSU Brand Guidelines, which can be viewed at

Let’s get started.

Quick Checklist

If you are thinking about how you will support and reinforce the Michigan State University College of Education’s reputation and goals, you are ready to put the pieces together for specific projects. Does the communications piece:

  • Clearly identify Michigan State University, and use the university wordmark and unit identification properly?
  • Express the College of Education brand promise? Quick gut check: Does it show we are prepared to lead?
  • Use approved colors, fonts and graphical elements?
  • Have images that are up-to-date and, ideally, authentic (show actual College of Education people/programs)?
  • Use the best medium for reaching your audience?
  • Provide sufficient information for desired next steps (the call to action), such as website address, personal contact information or event details?

For more information:

Senior Director of Communications
Lauren Knapp
202D Erickson Hall

Karisa Calvitti
202N Erickson Hall

Graphic Design and Photos
Trevor Hawks
202E Erickson Hall

Social Media & Storytelling
Marco Schimizzi
202B Erickson Hall

Promotional Items, Events, Internal Insights
Kayla Thompson
202A Erickson Hall