SciMo Team

Jennifer Schmidt, Ph.D
M Cecil Smith, Ph.D.
M Cecil Smith, Ph.D.

Senior Research Team

Lee Shumow, Ph.D., Senior Researcher

Nancy DeFrates-Densch, Ed.D., Post-doctoral Researcher

Deborah Kalkman, Ed.D., Post-doctoral Researcher

Graduate Research Assistants

Anna Strati – (Doctoral candidate, Educational Psychology) – Data Collection Team Leader; data coding and analyses 

Solanlly Ochoa-Angrino – Data coding and analyses 

Elena Lyutykh – Data coding and analyses 

Nigora Hamidova — Data coding and analyses 

Diana Zaleski – (Doctoral candate, Educational Psychology) – Data coding and analyses 

Affiliate Faculty

Jerald “Jay” Thomas, Ed.D., Aurora University – Data collection

Expert Advisory Panel

Barbara Schneider, Ph.D., Michigan State University

Kimberly Maier, Ph.D., Michigan State University

Jon S. Miller, Ph.D., Northern Illinois University

David Stone, Ph.D., Northern Illinois University 

Isabelle Kovaric, DeKalb (IL) High School, Science Department 

Project External Evaluator

Penny Billman, Ph.D., University of Illinois-Chicago College of Medicine 


Anne Darfler, M.S. Ed. (2010)

Nigora Hamidova, M.S. Ed. (2011)

Hayal Kackar, Ed.D. (2009)

Brian Gerber, M.S. Ed. (2009)

Elena Lyutykh, Ed.D. (2011)

Solanlly Ochoa-Angrino, Ed.D. (2011)


Janet K. Holt, Ph.D., Northern Illinois University – Data analysis methods 

We are indebted to Dr. Charles Howell, Chair of the Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology, & Foundations for his encouragement and support. 
Thanks also to Neil Colwell, NIU Media Arts, for designing the SciMo logo.