Science in the Moment

Science in the Moment (SciMo) is a research study funded by the National Science Foundation. The purpose of SciMo is to provide a descriptive account of what a variety of high school science contexts feel like from the perspective of female and male students. Numerous studies have attempted to explain and understand the role that gender plays in shaping longer-term science outcomes such as science achievement and persistence. No studies to date, however, have focused on both the contexts and processes involved in high school females’ and males’ everyday engagement with science. SciMo investigates the interplay of these contexts and processes using state-of-the-art research methods.

This 3-year project is funded by the National Science Foundation, Award No. HRD-0827526.

The provisions of NSF 07-578, “Research on Gender in Science and Engineering FY 2008 (GSE),” are applicable to this award.?