Craft Papers

TitleAuthorsPublication Date
Assessing Mathematics Performance Assessment : A Continuing ProcessLehman, Michael F.July 1997
The Scary Part Is That It Happens Without Us KnowingFeatherstone, Helen and Patty Gregorich, Lauren Young , Tricia Niesz (1995June 1995
The Big Old Conversation : Reflections.on Mathematical Tasks and DiscourseBeasley, Kathrene and Helen FeatherstoneMay 1995
Developing Mathematics Reform: What Don’t We Know About Teacher Learning-But Would Make Good Working Hypotheses?Ball, DeborahApril 1995
He Knows There’s Six 100s in 26?” An Investigation Into What it Means to Do Mathematics in a Teacher’s GroupSmith, Stephen P. and Helen FeatherstoneMarch 1995
Beyond Exhortations Not to Tell : The Teacher’s Role in Discussion-Intensive Mathematics ClassesChazan, Daniel and Deborah BallFebruary 1995
What is a Pattern? An Elementary Teacher’s Early Efforts to Teach Mathematics for UnderstandingHeaton, Ruth M.January 1995
Is There a Method in this Madness?Wilson, SApril 1994
Algebra for All Students?Chazan, DFebruary 1994
Guiding teacher learning: Insider studies of classroom-based work with teachers.Feiman-Nemser, S., Rosaen, C., Grinberg, J., Harris, D., Parker, M.B., Schwille, S. A., Denyer, J., Jennings, N., & Beasley, K.January1994
When “I loved your course!” is bad news:The case of Jeneane.Holt-Reynolds, D.January 1993
Learning to teach the elementary field experience course at a teachers’ junior college in Taiwan.Wang, L. W.March 1992
Guiding teacher learning: Insider studies of classroom-based work with teachers.Featherstone, H., Pfeiffer, L., Smith, S. P., Beasley, K., Corbin, D., Derksen, J., Pasek, L., Shank, C., & Shears, M.February 1993
Discussing teacher education in China and relevant debates in the United States with a Chinese teacher: A conversation with Yu Yi.Ma, L.February 1992
Learning to teach in a different culture.Kennedy, M. M.January 1992
Assessing assessment: Investigating a mathematics performance assessment.Lehman, M.March 1991
Making conversations about teaching and learning in an introductory teacher education course.Bird, T.February 1991
Transforming knowledge in undergraduate teacher education.Reid, G.January 1991
With an eye on the mathematical horizon: Dilemmas of teaching elementary school mathematics.Ball, D. L.March 1990
Transforming future teachers’ ideas about writing instruction.Florio-Ruane, S., & Lensmire, T. J.February 1990
Learning to teach: Constructing meaningful understanding of mathematical content.Lappan, G., & Even, RMarch 1989
The secret garden of teacher education.Wilson, S. M.February 1989
A case concerning content: Using case studies to teach subject matter.Wilson, S. M.January 1989