Math education student presents at research conference

November 30, 2010

Justin Drwencke, a mathematics major at Michigan State University pursuing secondary teacher certification, recently presented a poster at the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PMENA) conference in Columbus, Ohio.

Drwencke has been working in collaboration with College of Education assistant professor Kristen Bieda as a professorial assistant since fall of 2009. One of few if any other undergraduate students at the PMENA conference, his presentation was based on a project that explores what types of mathematic arguments middle school students find interesting.

“It was quite unique that he was there presenting,” said Bieda. “He sees these opportunities leading him toward better understandings about teaching.”

Drwencke is also assisting Bieda with a textbook analysis of opportunities for elementary students to engage in reasoning and proving.

He is a member of the MSU Honors College and the Spartan Marching Band.