Occasional Papers

TitleAuthorsPublication Date
Teacher research and gender equityHollingsworth, S. & Miller, J.December 1992
Teachers as researchers: A review of the literatureHollingsworth, S.August 1992
The practicality of contemplative attention: devoted thought that is not deludedBuchmann, M.June 1992
Breaking with everyday experience for guided adventures in learningFloden, R. E. & Buchmann, M.May 1992
Coherence, the rebel angelBuchmann, M. & Floden, R. E.April 1992
Between routines and anarchy: Preparing teachers for uncertaintyBuchmann, M.April 1992
Figuring in the past: Thinking about teacher memoriesBuchmann, M.April 1992
Reason and romance in argument and conversationBuchmann, M.February 1992
Reconceptualizing homework as out-of-school learning opportunitiesAlleman, J. & Brophy, J.May 1991
Considerations and implications when reading stories to young deaf childrenStewart, D. A., Bonkowski, N. & Bennett, D.November 1990
Choice, risk, and teacher voice: Closing the distance between public perceptions and private realities of schoolingHollingsworth, S. & Turner Minarik, L.July 1990
Activities as instructional tools: A framework for analysis and evaluationBrophy, J. & Alleman, J.March 1990
Beyond the lonely, choosing will: Professional development in teacher thinkingBuchmann, M.January 1990
Alternative perspectives of reading/writing connectionsMcCarthey, S. J. & Raphael, T. E.November 1989
Breaking from experience in teacher education: When is it necessary, how is it possible?Buchmann, M.August 1989
Consistent linguistic input in the signing behavior of teachers: Modified signed EnglishStewart, D. A., Akamatsu, C. T., Hunter, C., Lauer, F., Krugh, K. & Ng, W.July 1989
Fingerspelling within the context of simultaneous communicationAkamatsu, C. T. & Stewart, D. A.June 1989
External standards and good teaching: The pros and cons of telling teachers what to doPorter, A. C.December 1988
A model communication and language policy for total communication programs for the hearing impairedStewart, D. A.September 1988
Understanding teaching: A model for assessmentPorter, A.August 1988
Matter and molecules teacher’s guide: Activity bookBerkheimer, G. D., Anderson, C. W. & Blakeslee, T. D.August 1988
Matter and molecules teacher’s guide: Science bookBerkheimer, G. D., Anderson, C. W., Lee, O. & Blakeslee, T. D.August 1988
Charlotte Bronte, Villette, and teachingBuchmann, M.June 1988
Integrating writing and reading instructionRaphael, T. E. & Englert, C. S.April 1988
What is cultural congruence, and why are they saying such terrible things about it?Singer, E. A.March 1988
Practical arguments are no accounts of teacher thinking: But then, what is?Buchmann, M.March 1988
The power cell: Teacher’s guide to respirationAnderson, C. W., Roth, K. J., Hollon, R. & Blakeslee, T.November 1987
The power plant: Teacher’s guide to photosynthesisRoth, K. J. & Anderson, C. W.November 1987
Cultural incongruities and inequities of schooling: Implications for practice from ethnographic research?Zeuli, J. S. & Floden, R. E.July 1987
Research on teacher effects: Uses and abusesBrophy, J.July 1987
Educating teachers about managing classrooms and studentsBrophy, J.July 1987
Good teaching: Insights from the work of the Institute for Research on TeachingPorter, A. C. & Brophy, J. E.June 1987
Establishing a case for writing intervention: The what and why of expository writingEnglert, C. S., Raphael, T. E., Anderson, L. M., Anthony, H., Fear, K. & Gregg, S.April 1987
Asking the right questions about teacher preparation: Contributions of research on teacher thinkingClark, C. M.January 1987
Using questioning strategies to promote students’ active comprehension of content area materialAnthony, H. M. & Raphael, T. E.January 1987
The staff development model of the teacher explanation projectPutnam, J., Roehler, L. R. & Duffy, G. R.January 1987
Speaking with everyday experienceFloden, R. E., Buchmann, M. & Schwille, J. R.January 1987
Implementation of teacher thinking research as curriculum deliberationZeuli, J. S. & Buchmann, M.October 1986
Teaching knowledge: The lights that teachers live byBuchmann, M.October 1986
Conversation and narrative in collaborative researchFlorio-Ruane, S.October 1986
On motivating studentsBrophy, J.October 1986
The use of the zone of proximal development in everyday and school contexts: A Vygotskian critiqueZeuli, J. S.October 1986
Collaborating with teachers on research: Pioneering efforts at the Institute for Research and TeachingPorter, A. C.September 1986
Text structure instruction within process-writing classrooms: A manual for instructionRaphael, T. E., Kirschner, B. W. & Englert C. S.September 1986
Explaining learning: Biological and cybernetic metaphorsFloden, R. E.July 1986
The curricular and instructional conceptions undergirding the teacher explanation projectDuffy, G. G., Roehler, L. R., Meloth, M. S. & Vavrus, L. G.July 1986
Knowing, doing, and teaching multiplicationLampert, M.June 1986
Ecology: A teaching moduleBrehm, S., Anderson, C. W. & DuBay, J.June 1986
Light: A teaching moduleEaton, J., Sheldon, T. H. & Anderson, C. W.June 1986
Evolution by natural selection: A teaching moduleBishop, B. A. & Anderson, C. W.June 1986
Respiration and photosynthesis: A teaching moduleBishop, B. A., Roth, K. J. & Anderson, C. W.June 1986
Reporting and using educational research: Conviction or persuasion?Buchmann, M.April 1986
Tasks in times: Objects of study in a natural history of teachingErickson, F.February 1986
Heat and temperature: A teaching moduleHollon, R. E. & Anderson, C. W.February 1986
Research on reading: But what can I do on Monday?Raphael, T. E.November 1985
Toward a theory of student status as socially constructedErickson, F., Boersema, D. B., Pelissier, C. & Lazarus, B. B.October 1985
What knowledge is of most worth to teachers? Insights from studies of teacher thinkingClark, C. M. & Lampert, M.August 1985
Teaching writing: Some perennial questions and some possible answersFlorio-Ruane, S. & Dunn, S.July 1985
How do teachers manage to teach? Perspectives on problems in practiceLampert, M.July 1985
School effectsGood, T. L. & Brophy, J. E.July 1985
Role over person: Legitimacy and authenticity in teachingBuchmann, M.June 1985
Using personal documents to study teacher thinkingYinger, R. J. & Clark, C. M.February 1985
Qualitative methods in research on teachingErickson, F.February 1985
Improving education by talking: Argument or conversation?Buchmann, M.February 1985
The trouble with meaningfulnessFloden, R. E. & Buchmann, M.December 1984
The role of rhetoric in changing teachers’ beliefsFloden, R. E.December 1984
Research on teacher educationLanier, J. E.October 1984
The future of teacher education: Two papersLanier, J. E.October 1984
The future of microcomputers in the classroomBrophy, J. & Hannon, P.September 1984
The cultures of teachingFeiman-Nemser, S. & Floden, R. E.July 1984
Research on teaching and the content of teacher education programs: An optimistic viewClark, C. M.June 1984
Teachers’ thought processesClark, C. M. & Peterson, P. L.May 1984
What is irrational about knowledge utilizationBuchmann, M.May 1984
Teacher behavior and student achievementBrophy, J. & Good, T. L.April 1984
The use of research knowledge in teacher education and teachingBuchmann, M.December 1983
Conceptualizing student motivationBrophy, J.November 1983
An overview of school improvement programsEdmonds, R. R.October 1983
Instructional decision making and reading teacher effectivenessDuffy, G. G. & Ball, D.August 1983
Learning to teachFeiman-Nemser, S.June 1983
Research on teacher planning: An inventory of the knowledge baseClark, C. M.May 1983
Pitfalls of experience in teacher preparationFeiman-Nemser, S. & Buchmann, M.April 1983
The priority of knowledge and understanding in teachingBuchmann, M.March 1983
Approaches to research on teaching: Implications for curricular theory and practiceMartin, J. M.March 1983
From turn taking to sense making: Classroom factors and improved reading achievementDuffy, G. G.March 1983
Curriculum as transmitter of socioeconomic values: Case study of a middle-school writing projectMartin, J. M.February 1983
Education: The overcoming of experienceBuchmann, M. & Schwille, J.December 1982
What is reading? A social theory of comprehension instructionAnang, A .J.October 1982
Principles of small-group instruction in elementary readingAnderson, L. M., Evertson, C. M. & Brophy J. E.August 1982
A bibliography for teachers of the behaviorally disorderedPernell, E.July 1982
Validity as a variable: Can the same certification test be valid for all students?Schmidt, W. H., Porter, A. C., Schwille, J. R., Floden, R. E. & Freeman, D. J.July 1982
Classroom organization and managementBrophy, J.May 1982
Fostering student learning and motivation in the elementary school classroomBrophy, J. E.April 1982
An analysis of the instruction in reading instructional researchDuffy, G. G. & Roehler, L. R.March 1982
Effective teacher training and urban school improvementLezotte, L. W.October 1981
Reflective journal writing: Theory and practiceYinger, R. J. & Clark, C. M.July 1981
Time to teach: Teaching-learning processes in primary schoolsBennett, N.July 1981
The high-school curriculum: It does make a differenceSchmidt, W. H.May 1981
Teachers perceptions of dissemination of research on teaching findingsEaker, R. E. & Huffman, J. O.March 1981
The flight away from content in teacher education and teachingBuchmann, M.March 1981
Very special natives: The evolving role of teachers as informants in educational ethnographyFlorio, S.February 1981
Teacher effectiveness research: Implications for the reading professionDuffy, G. G.January 1981
Helping teachers use research findings: The consumer-validation processEaker, R. E. & Huffman, J. O.December 1980
Recent research on teachingBrophy, J.November 1980
Teachers’ cognitive activities and overt behaviorsBrophy, J.October 1980
Research on elementary school science teaching: A study using short-term outcome measuresAnderson, C. W. & Barufaldi, J. P.October 1980
The effects of teaching styles on motor performance , self-concept, and social skill developmentGoldberger, M.October 1980
Fieldwork in educational researchErickson, F., Florio, S. & Buschman, J.August 1980
A taxonomy of psychomotor formsGoldberger, M.August 1980
How can evaluation of staff development centers be made useful to researchers?Lezotte, L. W.June 1980
Poor readers don’t get to read muchAllington, R. L.January 1980
Practitioners’ concepts: an inquiry into the wisdom of practiceBuchmann, M.January 1980
Effective classroom strategies for three problem behaviors: hostile-aggressive, passive-aggressive, and withdrawn failure-imageMedick, J. M.December 1979
Teacher praise: a functional analysisBrophy, J. E.October 1979
Teacher behavior and its effectsBrophy, J. E.September 1979
Social competence at home and at schoolFlorio, S. & Shultz, J.August 1979
Stop and freeze: the negotiation of social and physical space in a kindergarten/first-grade classroomShultz, J. & Florio, S.July 1979
Five faces of research on teachingClark, C. M.July 1979
Teacher centers: the new marketplace for teacher educators? A resounding maybe!Lezotte, L. W.June 1979
Patterns of sophistication and naivety: some features of anthropological approaches to the study of educationErickson, F.June 1979
Unidimensional measurement and confirmatory factor analysisHunter, J. E. & Gerhing, D. H.May 1979
Research on teaching in the arts: review, analysis, critiqueShulman, L. S.May 1979
Changes in school characteristics coincident with change in student achievement (Executive summary)Brookover, W. B. & Lezotte, L. W.May 1979
Using observation to improve your teachingBrophy, J. E.April 1979
Advances in teacher effectiveness researchBrophy, J. E.Arpil 1979
On standards of descriptive validity in studies of classroom activityErickson, F.March 1979
Mere ethnography: some problems in its use in educational practiceErickson, F.March 1979
Science and mathematics education: retrospect and prospectShulman, L. S., & Tamir, P.December 1978
Relating theory to practice in educational researchShulman, L. S.October 1978
Research on teaching: a dynamic area of inquiryLanier, J. E.October 1978
Classroom discipline: toward a diagnostic model integrating teachers’ thoughts and actionsGil, D. & Heller, P. S.July 1978
Psychology and mathematics education revisitedShulman, L. S., & Shroyer, J.July 1978
Relationships between testing and the curriculumPorter, A. C.July 1978
Individual school buildings do account for differences in measured pupil performanceLezotte, L. W., & Passalacqua, J.July 1978
Attention and modality effects in STM: a second lookEvans, T. & Byers, J.June 1978
Test design: a review from practiceShulman, L. S.June 1978
Form and function in mother-toddler conversational turn-takingDonahue, M. L.June 1978
A causal analysis of attitudes toward leadership training in a classroom settingHunter, J. E., Hunter, R. F., & Lopis, J. E.April 1978
The teacher as colleague in classroom researchFlorio, S., & Walsh.February 1978
Teachers and researchers: toward a paper division of laborKennedy, C.September 1977
Teachers’ concerns and conceptions of reading and the teaching of reading: A literature reviewBelli, G., Blom, G., & Reiser, A.September 1977