Elementary Subjects Center

TitleAuthorsPublication Date
Elementary teachers’ reports of their goals and instructional practices in six school subjectsPeterson, P. L., Putnam, R. T., Vredevoogd, J. & Reineke, J.March 1993
Getting started: A set of discussion and teaching materials for teachers and teacher educatorsRoth, K. J.March 1993
Commonalities and differences in views about ideal and actual curriculum in six subject matter domainsPrawat, R. S.March 1993
Good teachers making the best of it: Case studies of elementary art and music teachingMay, W. T.March 1993
A summary of the findings in art and music: Research traditions and implications for teacher educationMay, W. T.March 1993
Understanding learners’ understandingsKnapp, N. F. & Peterson, P. L.March 1993
What does it mean to understand science?: Changing perspectives from a teacher and her studentsRoth, K. J.March 1993
Art experts’ views of an ideal curriculumMay, W. T.March 1993
Similarities and contrasts between writing during a writers’ workshop and writing in science: Examining the teacher’s roleRosaen, C. L. & Roth, K. J.March 1993
Constructing teaching and research practice in elementary school mathematicsBrophy, J. E. & Peterson, P. L.March 1993
Teaching and learning mathematics for understanding in a fifth-grade classroomPutnam, R. T. & Reineke, J. W.March 1993
Powerful social studies: Concepts that countHasbach, C., Roth, K. J., Hoekwater, E. & Rosaen, C. L.March 1993
Exemplary elementary teachers’ beliefs about social studies curriculum and instructionBrophy, J. & VanSledright, B. A.February 1993
Making art at a glance: A critique of Discover ArtMay, W. T.February 1993
Making connections: Talking and learning in a fourth-grade classReineke, J. W.February 1993
“One of us is not as powerful as all of us”: Building a community for teaching and learning mathematicsRicks, J. J. & Collar, C. L.February 1993
Many voices: Learning to teach social studiesRoth, K. J, Ligett, C., Derksen, J., Hasbach, C., Hoekwater, E., Masters, J. & Woodhams, P.February 1993
Creating a writing community: Revising collaborative goals, roles, and actionsRosaen, C. L. & Hazelwood C.February 1993
Entryways into science and science teaching: Teacher and researcher development in a professional development schoolRoth, K. J., Hasbach, C., Hazelwood, C., Hoekwater, E., Ligett, C., Lindquist, B., Peasley, K. & Rosaen, C. L.February 1993
Fifth-graders’ ideas about the American Revolution expressed before and after studying it within a U.S. history courseBrophy, J., VanSledright, B. A. & Bredin, N.February 1993
The smile, the journey, and the quilt: A story of collaborative teaching and learning in social studiesHasbach, C. & Hoekwater, E.February 1993
The study of literature in a fifth-grade classroom: One teacher’s perspectiveQuirk, B. A. & Cianciolo, P. J.January 1993
Learning to attend to students’ mathematcal thinking: Case study of a collaborationPutnam, R. T. & Reineke, J. W.January 1993
What in the world is music in World of Music? A critique of a commonly used textbook seriesMay, W. T.January 1993
Teaching and learning critical aesthetic response to literature: An instructional improvement study in grades K-5Cianciolo, P. J. & Quirk, B. A.January 1993
Understanding one writer’s growth: Case study materialsRosaen, C. L. & Lindquist, B.January 1993
Fifth-graders’ ideas about the Westward expansion of the United States prior to the Civil War, expressed before and after studying the topic within a U.S. history courseBrophy, J., VanSledright, B. A. & Bredin, N.December 1992
Fifth-graders’ ideas about the English colonies in America expressed before and after studying them within a U.S. history courseBrophy, J., VanSledright, B. A. & Bredin, N.December 1992
Integration for the student perspective: Constructing meaning in scienceRoth, K. J, Peasley, K, & Hazelwood, C.December 1992
Teaching about the American Revolution: The case of Sara AtkinsonVanSledright, B. A.December 1992
Teaching about the American Revolution: The case of Ramona PalmerVanSledright, B. A.December 1992
Fifth-graders’ ideas about European exploration of the new world expressed before and after studying this topic within a U.S. history courseBrophy, J., VanSledright, B. A. & Bredin, N.November 1992
Fifth-graders’ ideas about Native Americans expressed before and after studying them within a U.S. history courseVanSledright, B. A., Brophy, J. & Bredin, N.November 1992
The potential of written instructional materials to improve instructional practiceRosaen, C. L.November 1992
Stories of the American Revolution period: Comparisons of two fifth-grade teachers’ curriculum mediation practicesVanSledright, B. A.November 1992
Collaborative teaching and research: Asking “What does it mean?”Rosaen, C. L. & Lindquist, B.November 1992
Book club discussions: A case study of five students constructing themes from literary textsMcMahon, S. I.November 1992
Moving literature-based instruction into the special education setting: A book club with nontraditional learnersGoatley, V. J. & Raphael, T. E.November 1992
Holistic literacy: Voices integrating classroom texts in social studiesHasbach, C., Hazelwood, C., Hoekwater, E., Roth, K. J. & Michell, M.November 1992
Classroom discourse during social studies: Students’ purposes and topics of interest in peer-led discussion groupsMcMahon, S. I.October 1992
Integration from the student perspective: Constructing meaning in a writers’ workshopRosaen, C. L., Lindquist, B., Peasley, K. & Hazelwood, C.October 1992
Why did we do all this writing and talking if you already knew the answer? The role of the learning community in constructing understanding in an elementary science classRoth, K. J., Rosaen, C. L., Hasbach, C., Hazelwood, C., Hoekwater, E., Ligett, C. & Lindquist, B.October 1992
Gender and discourse: The unfolding “living text” of a science lessonHasbach, C., Hoekwater, E., Ligett, C., Lindquist, B., Peasley, K. & Rosaen, C.October 1992
Deeply rooted change: A tale of learning to teach adventurouslyWilson, S. M., Miller, C. & Yerkes, C.October 1992
The role of writing in creating a science learning communityRosaen, C., Hasbach, C., Hazelwood, C., Peasley, K., Hoekwater, E., Ligett, C. & Lindquist, B.August 1992
Literacy curriculum-in-the-making: A case study of Billy’s learningRosaen, C. L. & Linquist, B.July 1992
By chart and chance and passion: Two women’s stories of learning to teach literacy in urban settings through relational knowingHollingsworth, S., Dybdahl, M. & Minarik, L. T.May 1992
Critical analysis of a distinctive literature curriculumCianciolo, P. J. & Quirk, B.May 1992
Writing-to-learn in a conceptual change science unitPeasley, K. L., Rosaen, C. L. & Roth, K. J.March 1992
The value of ideas II: Problems versus possibilities in learningPrawat, R. S.March 1992
Book club: Studying the written and oral texts of elementary children participating in a literature-based reading programMcMahon, S. I.January 1992
Coherence in literature-based thematic unitsRosaen, C. L. & Cantlon, D. J.December 1991
Experts’ views on the elementary mathematics curriculum: Visions of the ideal and critique of current practicePrawat, R. S., Putnam, R. T. & Reineke, J. W.November 1991
The development of one student’s written and oral texts in different instructional contextsMcMahon, S. I.October 1991
Conceptions of problem solving in commonly used and distinctive elementary mathematics curriculaRemillard, J.October 1991
Fifth graders’ ideas about history expressed before and after their introduction to the subjectBrophy, J., VanSledright, B. A. & Bredin, N.August 1991
Reading instruction reconsidered: Literature and discussion in the reading programRaphael, T. E., McMahon, S. I., Goatley, V. J., Bentley, J. L., Boyd, F. B., Pardo, L. S. & Woodman D. A.September 1991
Synthesizing information from multiple sources: A descriptive study of elementary students’ perceptions and performance of discourse synthesisRaphael, T. E. & Boyd F. B.September 1991
Experts views on the elementary science curriculum: Vision of the idealRoth, K. J., Eichinger, D. C., McMahon, S. I., & Prawat, R. S.September 1991
Revising their thinking: Keisha Coleman and her third-grade mathematics classPeterson, P. L.August 1991
What does CGI mean to you? Teachers’ ideas of a research-based intervention four years laterKnapp, N. F. & Peterson, P. L.August 1991
Teaching literacy through student book clubs: A first-year teacher’s experienceRaphael, T. E., Goatley, V. J., McMahon, S. I. & Woodman D. A.August 1991
Abdicating authority for knowing: A teacher’s use of an innovative mathematics curriculumRemillard, J.July 1991
Mathematics teaching and learning: Researching in well-defined mathematical domainsPeterson, P. L. & Fennema E.July 1991
What do entering fifth graders know about American history?Brophy, J., VanSledright, B. & Bredin, N.June 1991
Storytelling, imagination, and fanciful elaboration in children’s historical reconstructionsVanSledright, B. A & Brophy, J.May 1991
Conversations with self and conversations with settings: A framework for thinking about teacher empowermentPrawat, R. S.April 1991
Is there an alternative? An analysis of commonly used and distinctive elementary mathematics curriculaRemillard, J.April 1991
Distinctive curriculum materials in K-6 social studiesBrophy, J.March 1991
Teaching children to respond critically/aesthetically to picture books as literatureCianciolo, P. J.February 1991
Critical analysis of an elementary science curriculum: Bouncing around or connectedness?Eichinger, D. C. & Roth, K. J.February 1991
The analysis of commonly used literature curriculum materialsCianciolo, P. J. & VanCamp, M. E.January 1991
Experts define the ideal elementary literature programPrawat, R. S.December 1990
Music experts’ views of an ideal curriculumMay, W. T.December 1990
Mary Lake: a case study of fifth-grade social studies (American history) teachingBrophy, J.December 1990
Disciplinary views of corresponding elementary school subjectsBrophy, J.November 1990
Whose content, context, and culturein elementary art and music textbooksMay, W. T., Lantz, T., & Rohr, S.October 1990
Art/Music teachers’ curriculum deliberationsMay, W. T.October 1990
Effects of state-level reform of elementary school mathematics curriculum on classroom practiceCohen, D. K., Peterson, P. L., Wilson, S., Ball, D., Putnam, R., Prawat, R., Heaton, R., Remillard, J., & Wiemers, N.September 1990
Mastodons, maps, and Michigan: exploring uncharted territory while teaching elementary school social studiesWilson, S. M.August 1990
Art and the elementary – school experienceStanford, L. O.June 1990
The value of ideas: the immersion approach to the development of thinkingPrawat, R. S.April 1990
Changing schools by changing teachers’ beliefs about teaching and learningPrawat, R. S.April 1990
A view on geography and elementary educationPigozzi, B. W.March 1990
The de facto national curriculum in elementary social studies: critique of a representative exampleBrophy, J.March 1990
California’s curriculum reform guidelines for elementary schools: 1983-1988Freeman, D. J.March 1990
Political scientists on civic education: a nonexistent discourseCherryholmes, C. H.February 1990
Experts’ views on the elementary social studies curriculum: visions of the ideal and critique of current practice (with experts’ individual statements)Prawat, R., Brophy, J., & McMahon, S.February 1990
The interplay between state and district guidelines for curriculum reform in elementary schoolsCantlon, D., Rushcamp, S., & Freeman, D.January 1990
Conceptual understanding and higher level thinking in the elementary science curriculum: three perspectivesRoth, K. J.December 1989
Alternative perspectives on knowing mathematics in elementary schoolsPutnam, R. T., Lampert, M., & Peterson, P. L.November 1989
State guidelines for reshaping academic curricula in elementary schools: a 50-state surveyFreeman, D. J.May 1989
On mathematicians in curriculum reform in elementary mathematicsBlair, D. E.March 1989
Understanding and critical thinking in elementary art and musicMay, W. T.March 1989
History in the elementary school classroomLevine, P. & Berg, P.February 1989
The study of literature as a systematic disciplinary practiceJohnsen, W. A.January 1989
Interventions to teach thinking skills: Investigating the question of transferRosaen, C.December 1988
Critical thinking in the study of children’s literature in the elementary gradesCianciolo, P. J.December 1988
Elementary general music: a discipline-based reviewErbes, R. L.December 1988
Teaching for conceptual understanding and higher order applications of social studies contentBrophy, J.December 1988
Promoting access: The role of organization and awareness factorsPrawat, R. S.December 1988