Data Use by Teachers

May 23, 2011

The idea that teaching practices could be improved through better data systems has captured the imagination of policy makers, researchers and foundations. However, MSU Professor of Education Mary Kennedy argues that the concept itself is so ill-defined as to suggest that data use is more of a panacea than a coherent reform proposal. In Data Use by Teachers: Productive Improvement or Panacea?, Dr. Kennedy examines the concept with an eye toward what we would need to know about teacher data use to ensure that it would actually yield productive improvements in teaching. The paper offers a research agenda organized around two central issues: The difference between psychometric feedback and clinical feedback, and the difference between productive teaching and defensive teaching.

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Chris Reimann serves as the director of communications and policy research for the CREATE for STEM Institute, a research and innovation collaboration between the colleges of education, natural science, engineering, and Lyman Briggs.