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Reforming teaching and learning.

October 19, 2011

Tatto, M.T., & Mincu, M. (2009).  Taipei City: Sense Publishers. The collection of chapters in this book were selected from about 100 papers presented in the XIII World Congress of Comparative Education Societies held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, September 03-07, 2007 under the overall theme teaching and learning. The session of the thematic group… Read More »

“Don’t Know Much About History”: The New York Times 1943 Survey of U.S. History and the Controversy It Generated

October 19, 2011

Anne-Lise Halvorsen.  Teachers College Record (in press). This study examines the debate between supporters of history education and supporters of social studies education that originated with The New York Times 1943 survey of college freshmen’s history knowledge. Educators, politicians, and journalists, many of whom were well-known and highly influential, joined the debate. In its exploration of… Read More »

The educational problems of aesthetic taste.

October 19, 2011

 Lynn Fendler (in press).  Zeitschrift for Pädagogik. Special issue on Materiality and Education, Karin Priem, Rita Casale, (Eds.). That gustatory taste has not been included in school curricula is a paradox.  This essay presents curriculum analyses that suggest taste should have been included, so the absence of taste is somewhat mysterious.  Cultural historical features of… Read More »

Web 2.0 and the future of educational research: Pedagogical, political, and epistemological implications

October 19, 2011

Lynn Fendler (in press). In educational systems between global players and cultural contexts. D. Tröhler (Ed.). Rotterdam, NL: Sense Publishers. Knowledge production, research reporting, access to information, and pedagogical design in education are now all mediated by various sorts of computer technologies. From a standpoint of critical curriculum theory, this chapter examines the ways in… Read More »

Psychology in Teacher Education: Efficacy, professionalization, management, and habit.

October 19, 2011

Lynn Fendler (in press).  In P. Smeyers & M. DePaepe (Eds.). The attraction of psychology. Dortrecht: Springer Publications. Educational psychology is a required element in the curriculum for all accredited teacher preparation programs in the United States, and background knowledge in educational psychology is assessed on examinations for teacher licensure in most jurisdictions.  Tranditional university-based… Read More »

Michel Foucault

October 19, 2011

Lynn Fendler The Continuum Library of Educational is a series of 25 books on major thinkers and education.  This volume introduces the work of Michel Foucault in language accessible by undergraduates.  Chapters include “Intellectual Biography,” “Explanations of Major Concepts,” “Summaries of Major Works,” “The Reception of Foucault’s Work,” and “Implications for Foucault’s Ideas in Educational… Read More »

Black Achievers’ Experiences with Racial Spotlighting and Ignoring in a Predominantly White High School

October 18, 2011

Dorinda J. Carter Andrews.  Teachers College Record In this article, the author examines how nine high-achieving Black students in a predominantly White, suburban, public high school describe, understand, and respond to racial microaggressions in classroom and non-classroom spaces within the school.  The author analyzed interview data, participant observations, and field notes from a yearlong qualitative… Read More »

Standing For Literacy

October 13, 2011

Edited by Laura Pardo, Kathy Highfield and Susan Florio-Ruane The case studies in this book, derived from qualitative research, offer an inside look at the professional lives and classrooms of five teachers. Each teacher is presented in a case study. In various ways, each works to provide equal treatment and access to knowledge of powerful… Read More »

Language across Difference: Ethnicity, Communication, and Youth Identities in Changing Urban Schools (Cambridge University Press)

October 3, 2011

Django Paris, Michigan State University  (ISBN: 9780521193375) Once a predominantly African-American city, South Vista opened the twenty-first century with a large Latino/a majority and a significant population of Pacific Islanders. Using an innovative blend of critical ethnography and social language methodologies, Paris offers the voices and experiences of South Vista youth as a window… Read More »