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How Latino Parents Engage with School Choice — Research by Madeline Mavrogordato

April 28, 2015

School choice in the form of charter schools, or public school academies as they are commonly called in Michigan, is rapidly expanding. Simultaneously, so is the population of Latino students. However, Latino parents experience many linguistic, cultural, and economic barriers to accessing this quickly growing segment of the educational marketplace. Research by Michigan State University… Read More »

Going Global: Personal and Professional Benefits of Study Abroad for Pre-Service Teachers — Research by Alyssa Hadley Dunn

April 23, 2015

Study abroad can be a powerful, even life changing experience. Research by Michigan State University Assistant Professor Alyssa Hadley Dunn and colleagues examines the experiences of pre-service teachers who participated in two study abroad programs. Comparing Pre-Service Teacher Experiences The researchers wanted to explore the ways that study abroad programs can support and enhance understandings of… Read More »

Social Capital Aids Schoolwide Reform Implementation — Research by Ken Frank

March 10, 2015

In the era of teacher accountability, the book Assessing Teacher Quality: Understanding Teacher Effects on Instruction and Achievement edited by Sean Kelly examines the intricacies involved in measuring the effect that teachers have on their students. The social context of teachers is one important element to pay attention to when trying to understand teacher quality.… Read More »

When Accountability Strategies Collide — Research by Rebecca Jacobsen

March 5, 2015

Central to school reform efforts over the past 15 years is the issue of accountability. States often implement multiple accountability strategies that can interact to create perverse consequences. The collision of two particular accountability strategies was examined by a team of Michigan State University researchers including Associate Professor Rebecca Jacobsen and doctoral students Jeffery W.… Read More »

Equity and Teacher Distribution: Lessons from Abroad — Research by Amita Chudgar

February 16, 2015

Teachers with different levels of education and experience are assigned by district and school leaders to work at different schools. This is known in educational research as teacher distribution. The equitable distribution of high-quality teachers to low-income schools and students is a challenge in the U.S. International research by Claremont Graduate University Associate Professor Thomas… Read More »

Pay Attention to Climate to Decrease Teacher Turnover

February 13, 2015

Teacher turnover can be costly to districts. Research by Wayne State University Assistant Professor Ben Pogodzinski, University of Virginia Associate Professor Peter Youngs, and Michigan State University Professors Kenneth Frank and Dale Belman provides insight on one way to increase the likelihood that beginning teachers continue teaching at their school: pay attention to administrative climate.… Read More »

Accountability Policy Yields Substantial Academic Gains for School Choice Students — Research by Joshua Cowen

February 13, 2015

Accountability and school choice are hot-button topics in educational policy. These topics are examined together by Michigan State University Associate Professor Joshua M. Cowen and colleagues in their 2014 article in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis. The researchers evaluated the impact of a high-stakes testing and reporting policy on students in the nation’s oldest school voucher… Read More »