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Educational Administration

“Outsiders with Deep Pockets”: The Nationalization of Local School Board Elections – Research by Sarah Reckhow and Rebecca Jacobsen

December 2, 2016

Local school boards are traditionally at the center of this country’s public education system. Elections to these boards have typically featured low voter turnout and the issues have often been parochial in nature. However, recognizing that local districts are critical in implementing new state and national education reform policies, “outsiders with deep pockets” have been… Read More »

Centering embodied learning in anti-oppressive pedagogy

January 16, 2015

Academia has traditionally valued cognition and intellectual processes, eschewing the significance of other bodily domains involved in teaching, learning, and theorizing. Grounding the analysis in our experiences as diversely positioned academics, we argue that embodied teaching and theorizing provide a unique means of delivering material consistent with the aims of social justice education, while simultaneously… Read More »