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Katharine Currie

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Assistant Professor

Ph.D., McMaster University

27Q IM Circle


Katharine Currie is an exercise physiologist who focuses on the cardiovascular responses to exercise across the spectrum of health and disease. Her research program has two main areas of research. The first area is investigating whether the acute cardiovascular responses to a single bout of exercise are able to predict the cardiovascular adaptations that occur with chronic exercise training. The second area of research is focused on blood pressure responses to exercise, and what constitutes a normal and abnormal response. The cardiovascular assessments performed in her laboratory include flow-mediated dilation, arterial stiffness, echocardiography and arterial-ventricular coupling. Research populations of interest include cardiovascular disease, spinal cord injury, athletes, and children. Overall, the goal of her research program is to further our understanding of exercise dose-response relationships so that exercise prescriptions can be personalized.