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William Schmidt

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University Distinguished Professor

Ph.D., University of Chicago

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William Schmidt is a University Distinguished Professor and founder and director of the Center for the Study of Curriculum Policy. He holds a faculty appointment in Educational Statistics and Measurement and a courtesy appointment in the Department of Statistics. He is a member of the National Academy of Education as well as the International Academy of Education, an American Educational Research Association (AERA) Fellow, and an OECD Thomas J. Alexander Fellow for education quality and equity. He was recently awarded the 2022 AERA Distinguished Contributions to Research in Education Award. He has published in numerous journals including the Journal of the American Statistical Association, Education Researcher, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, American Affairs Journal, Journal of Educational Statistics, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Journal of Curriculum Studies, and the Journal of Educational Measurement. His most recent books include "Schooling Across the Globe: What We Have Learned from Sixty Years of Mathematics and Science International Assessments," "Inequality for All," and “Why Schools Matter." His current writing and research interests focus on the effects of curriculum policy on academic achievement. His work also focuses on schooling and how equality of opportunity to learn impacts student performance in mathematics.