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Shelby Baez

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Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Kentucky

27P IM Circle


Shelby Baez is a certified athletic trainer with an expertise in psychology of injury. Baez research examines the impact of psychological responses on clinical outcomes after traumatic knee injury in the high functioning, physically active population. Her research agenda has two main areas of focus. The first area of focus is to identify consequences of maladaptive psychological responses on the central nervous system. Her laboratory uses neuroimaging techniques and other neuroscience modalities to investigate these consequences. The second area of focus is to examine the efficacy of psychoeducation interventions and cognitive behavioral therapies on decreasing maladaptive psychological responses after traumatic knee injury. These techniques range from relaxation training and imagery techniques to the use of virtual and augmented reality. Overall, the goal of her research agenda is to improve long- term outcomes after traumatic knee injury.