Key Offices & Programs

Office of K-12 Outreach

As part of Michigan State University’s land-grant mission, the Office of K-12 Outreach in the College of Education has a long-standing commitment to outreach and service. Directed by Bryan Beverly, the office focuses on empowering educators, administrators and policymakers through leadership development, educational coaching on-site in schools and data services and support that can be customized to district needs.

Office of International Studies in Education

Education in global contexts is one of the main missions of the Office of International Studies in Education (OISE). Led by Associate Dean Lynn Paine, the office helps promote the academic cultures and understandings of K-12 and post-secondary institutions, policies, practices and cultures around the world.

The office also has many outreach efforts and programs, aimed to enable students, educators and researchers to better meet the economic, environmental, social and political challenges of our time. Two of the main programs for OISE include the Global Educators Cohort Program, a specialized teacher preparation program focused on global and international perspectives, and the Fellowship for Global Understanding, a study abroad trip that immerses students into the academics and culture of another nation.

Equity Outreach Initiatives

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Michigan State University’s College of Education aims to increase individuals’ and organizations’ capacity to implement equitable policies, procedures, and classroom and organizational practices. Directed by Interim Associate Dean Terry Flennaugh, the office provides professional education led by MSU experts who have in-depth experience centering issues of culture, power, and privilege through research-informed practice.

Urban Immersion Fellowship

This unique program places MSU College of Education students in a summer fellowship in the city of Detroit, Mich. Students work with Detroit Schools Summer School Programming or a Detroit-based non-profit community entity as they service children, youth and families in Detroit.

The Urban Immersion Fellowship, directed by Associate Dean Sonya Gunnings-Moton, is designed to develop highly effective urban educators and leaders, allowing students to teach in urban settings and participate in weekly workshops.

Summer High School Scholars Program

Every summer, many students from urban school districts come to Michigan State University to participate in the Summer High School Scholars Program. The college-preparation experience, directed by Sonya Gunnings-Moton, includes living in dormitories, taking practice tests and developing skills for writing, studying and using technology. MSU College of Education students serve as counselors, helping participants to learn about issues of social justice and what it takes to achieve their dreams, particularly in the kinesiology or education fields. The program is heralded as a “jumpstart for the future,” and is for students in grade 9-11 in a partnering urban school.

MSU Detroit Center

The MSU Detroit Center, 3408 Woodward Avenue, was established in 2010 when the College of Education re-affirmed its long-standing commitment to improving educational outcomes in the city of Detroit, Mich., by establishing a local office. The MSU Detroit Center includes classroom space for MSU teaching interns and a range of educational outreach activities in Southeast Michigan.