Undergraduates present research, win awards

April 18, 2019

Nine undergraduate students from the Michigan State University College of Education received first-place awards at the 2019 University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF). The annual event, held this year on April 5, is an opportunity for students across the university to showcase their research and creativity.

More than 1,000 undergraduate students from all degree-granting colleges and the Honors College presented at the 21st annual UURAF.

Research presentations done individually or in a group, both in a poster and an oral format, covered a wide range of topics on neuroscience, humanities, business—and education and kinesiology. All were mentored by faculty members and/or graduate students.

“At Michigan State University, we’re proud of the immense number of hands-on and career-building research opportunities undergraduates have,” said Susan Dalebout, assistant dean for student affairs. “These experiences can help shape and add depth to a student’s time at the university, particularly as they look toward their career goals.”

The college would like to congratulate the following first-place award winners being recognized for their research:

  • Tucker Alchin (Kinesiology) for the oral presentation: “Learning by Observation: Is It Important to Watch Multiple Ways to Solve a Task?” Assistant Professor Rajiv Ranganathan served as mentor.
  • Ellen Brooks (Kinesiology) and Kayli Silverstein (Special Education) along with fellow student presenters Alexis Yang and Nikki Losievski for their poster presentation: “Reliability of LENA in Identification of Child Vocalizations in Naturalistic Environments.” Assistant Professor Laura Dilley and graduate student Meisam Khalilarjmandi from the College of Communication Arts & Sciences served as mentors.
  • Eric Locker (Music Education) for the poster presentation: “Cost-Effectiveness of Screening for Developmental Delays in Early Education and Healthcare Settings.” Assistant Professor Kristin Rispoli served as mentor.
  • Robby McKay (Physical Science – Secondary Education) was recognized for two presentations, including a solo oral presentation: “The Impact of Core-Idea Centered Instruction on High School Students’ Understanding of Structure-Property Relationships.” Lappan-Phillips Professor of Science Education Melanie Cooper and Research Associate Ryan Stowe served as mentors. McKay was also recognized for a poster presentation with Matthew Neumann: “Analysis of Students’ Explanations of LDFs Using Machine Learning Techniques.” Cooper again served as mentor along with Keenan Noyes, a graduate student studying chemistry.
  • Madeleine Motloch and Megan Miller and Emma Schuele (Kinesiology) for their poster presentation: “Are Two Hands Better Than One When Learning to Control Variability in Precision Movement Tasks?” Ranganathan served as mentor.
  • Kate Voisard (Kinesiology) for the poster presentation: “Aerobic Fitness and Arithmetic Approximation in College-aged Adults.” Associate Professor Matthew Pontifex served as mentor.

The students were recognized for their achievements at the UURAF Awards Ceremony on April 10.

For more information on UURAF and the 2019 winners, visit the Undergraduate Research website or MSU Today.