MSU plays key role in new Michigan science standards

November 12, 2015
Photo of Joseph Krajcik

Joe Krajcik

Michigan State University faculty members played a key role in developing the new K-12 science standards approved by the State Board of Education on Tuesday.

Joe Krajcik and Melanie Cooper, both Lappan-Phillips Professors of Science Education at MSU, were lead writers of the Next Generation Science Standards, which have now been adopted by 17 states including Michigan.

MSU’s CREATE for STEM Institute, led by Krajcik, is conducting research and developing innovative curriculum, professional development and assessment materials to help educators across the state and nation implement the standards successfully.

“The new standards will transform how students learn by focusing on explaining phenomena or finding solutions to problems by using core disciplinary ideas, cross-cutting concepts and scientific and engineering practices to better prepare them for success in college and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related careers,” said Krajcik.

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