New book on women and higher education

August 29, 2014

Kristen RennFocusing on the education of women throughout the world—especially women-only universities and other institutions—Kristen Renn’s newest publication is hitting shelves this month.

Renn, a professor of Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education (HALE) in the Department of Educational Administration, traveled to 13 colleges and universities in 10 countries around the world to study women and education. She visited Australia, Canada, China and India, among other countries, to compare and analyze the significance of single-sex higher education institutions for women around the world.

The book, “Women’s Colleges and Universities in a Global Context,” compiles interviews with campus leaders, faculty and students from across the institutions, as well as extensive online and archival research. The book also addresses politics, economics and varying other themes to help show what the institutions can teach and how they could benefit higher education worldwide.

Johns Hopkins University Press publishes this extensive overview of women’s education around the world.

In addition, Renn has also authored “Mixed Race Students in College: The Ecology of Race, Identity, and Community on Campus” and is the co-author of “College Students in the United States: Characteristics, Experiences, and Outcomes.”

To learn more about Renn and her research of women in higher education, click here, or view her website here.