Cowen named assistant editor of policy journal

August 22, 2014

Joshua CowenJoshua Cowen, associate professor of teacher education at Michigan State University, was appointed to be an associate editor of Education Finance and Policy, the official journal of the Association for Education Finance and Policy (AEFP).

The journal covers a variety of topics, including policy implications, scholarly basis and operational practices. Its main goal is to “help frame the intellectual discourse on education policy and practice,” according to the AEFP site.

Cowen joins three other professors from across the United States–Susanna Loeb, Eric Bruner and Stephanie Cellini–in the inaugural associate editor positions. Cowen will specifically focus on school choice and related issues for his three-year appointment with the journal, which began in July.

“I’m hopeful that in this capacity, I’ll be able to provide additional resources and insight for the policy program [at Michigan State University] and our students within it,” Cowen said.

Cowen began working in the College of Education in 2013. His research has been focused on teacher quality, student and teacher mobility, program evaluation and the implementation of education policy. He is also a member of the editorial board at Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis.