Forever Forward: Empowering Education’s Future Leaders

October 17, 2023

The Forever Forward Legacy Endowed Scholarship is driven by College of Education alumni and supports students from each of the college’s four departments.


The College of Education Alumni Board aims to provide educational support through scholarships to students in the College of Education in perpetuity. The name, Forever Forward, honors that sentiment, recognizing College of Education alumni who drive teaching, learning, health and wellness in their communities and around the world.

Donors impact the lives of countless students by supporting the Forever Forward Legacy Endowed Scholarship Fund. 

As of Summer 2023, close to 200 College of Education alumni and community members have cemented their legacy as Founding Members by donating at least $100.00 in a calendar year to the scholarship. 


The College of Education Alumni Board dedicates itself to assisting the college achieve its strategic goals and to supporting students, fellow alumni, faculty and friends through collaboration, service and promotion. For over 25 years, the Alumni Board has provided leadership and programs on behalf of the 59,000 Spartan education and kinesiology alumni. 

Bob Chapla grins during an Alumni Board meeting. He has his thumb up in the air in approval. He wears a long-sleeve blue shirt.
Bob Chapla

Adapting to the changing landscape of teaching and learning, physical activity and education research, technology use, teacher education and school reform in our communities and around the world,  the College of Education Alumni Board of Directors has committed to further support the lives of future educators by creating an endowed scholarship fund. 

In 2019, the Alumni Board developed the endowment under the leadership of then Board President Maggie Malone, a legacy that former Co-Presidents Brooke Larm and Bob Chapla continued with the official launch in 2022. 

Today’s students need educators who understand how to prioritize all aspects of teaching and learning with attention to health and wellness, building strong communities and care of the environment. Scholarship support for students will better allow them to prioritize those needs for themselves, so they can model and have the space they need to adapt and develop innovative strategies they can carry into their future classrooms. As a first-generation college student and former scholarship recipient, I can attest to how great this financial support can impact the ability to deeply reflect upon and gain from an educational experience. For this reason, I am now working to pay it forward … forever!”

– Brooke Larm,
   Former Alumni Board Co-President 


Though an initial campaign goal of $250,000 is well on its way to completion thanks to the College of Education community, the fundraising effort will last in perpetuity. 

“The collaborative spirit of the Spartan community is the driving force behind the Forever Forward Legacy campaign,” said Senior Director of Development Eric Sturdy Jr., who joined the College of Education in fall of 2020 with over 20 years of fundraising experience. “It’s my hope that the commitment of our alumni will inspire future educators through academic scholarships and make a lasting impact on teaching, learning, health and wellness in local communities and beyond.” 

For more information, contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations: or (517) 432-1983.

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