MAET provides more than $28,626 to students and alumni in 2022-2023


During the 2022-2023 school year, the MAET program provided over $28,626 in funds for our students and alumni. 

Drawing from program funds as well as funding from several grants and awards, MAET  supported our community through:

  • Application fee waivers for those joining the program
  • Innovation grants for current students and alumni to be creative with educational technology initiatives in their own professional contexts
  • Supporting current BIPOC students and students with disabilities with financial support through the Creativing Inclusive Excellence (CIE) grant
  • Other initiatives to make students feel welcomed and valued

All in all, we were able to provide financial support for  at least 47 students in some capacity over the last school year.

This image has a green background with white text that reads "47 students and alumni".

We look forward to continuing to support our students and alumni in years to come!Interested in learning more about the MAET program? Check out our website or email us today at