MAET Halloween Quickfire Challenge


Playful Postcards

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of fun expressing our creativity in celebration of Halloween. Due to COVID, we invited the MAET community to be a part of the fun last year (2020) and we’d like to do the same this year (2021). We know that your plates are full, so we’re hoping we can provide 20 minutes of fun through a creative escape — literally, by creating a postcard of somewhere you wish you could be right now. You’ll see an example from Sparty below.


  1. Read through all of the steps before you start.
  2. Please be careful of others’ creations and slides. Everyone has editing access!
  3. Find a destination background using a site like Unsplash, Pexels, or Pixabay or use your own photo.
  4. Add your background to a blank slide in this presentation.
  5. Be sure to provide attribution like Sparty did.
  6. Take a picture of yourself (or use one you already have).
  7. Remove the background from the picture of yourself using your favorite photo editor or
  8. Add the picture of yourself to your slide and add any flare you choose. 
  9. Add a border.
  10. Make sure that your postcard takes up the entire slide (11.25 in x 5.93 in) to helps with consistent formatting for posting. 
  11. Polish up your postcard by 9am ET on Wednesday, October 27.
  12. Images submitted by this deadline will be shared across MAET’s social media platforms on October 31.
  13. Now, set yourself a timer for 20 minutes and begin!
A postcard image of the Sparty mascot, arms raised in a muscle pose, with a beautiful beach in the background. Text reads Greetings from the beach.